Adam McKim Poems

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A Broken Heart's Song

A broken heart's song,
Starts out slow.
A confusion of melodies,
With easy flow.

A Poet To Be

A poet I claim not to be,
For words are never there.
In all the years I've tried to write,
I have no words to share.


Memories of good times
Memories of bad times
Memories of our love
So many memories

In The Stillness Of The Night

In the stillness of the night,
A faint cry for love is heard.
Echoing far into the distance,
Soaring higher than any bird.

The Show

You give me pain you don't know,
All you see is just a show.
Crying out from deep within,
You see the show about to begin.

My Tomb

The four walls around me,
The bed in which I lay.
A lock on my door,
Keeps everyone away.

A Withered Flower

A withered flower you will find,
A symbol of your dying love.
It had lost all it's beauty,
That was sent from above.

You Should Have Hated Me

The day we met and got together,
The day you changed my life forever.
I was locked up alone, you set me free,
But I say now, you should have hated me.

A Story Of True Love

Darkness surrounds my light,
Sadness fills my heart.
The day you came to me,
And ripped us both apart.

Lies (The Mirror Sestet)

Lies from you in the sweetest guise,
guise you were, spilling lies.
Tears on my pillow with all my fears,
fears of drowning in all my tears.

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