Adam McKim

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Adam McKim Poems

41. A Dream Come True 10/26/2012
42. A Colorado Girl 8/19/2012
43. I Sing A Song 12/5/2012
44. I Fell In Love Today 11/25/2012
45. Forever With You 3/15/2012
46. Why 3/15/2012
47. Depressed Heart 3/21/2012
48. Come Back To Me 3/25/2012
49. My Angel Love (Trijan Refrain) 12/5/2012
50. A Distant Hope 12/3/2012
51. Lonely 11/23/2012
52. Moving On 3/15/2012
53. Please Remember Me 3/21/2012
54. Things We Take For Granted 9/8/2013
55. If She Be The One 8/20/2012
56. I Am All Alone 3/15/2012
57. Another Blank Moment 3/28/2012
58. A New Feeling 6/29/2012
59. Just A Love Poem 7/22/2012
60. Unsynced Feelings 8/2/2012
61. To Hear Those Words Again 8/9/2012
62. I Hope You Dream Of Me 3/24/2012
63. Through The Storm 12/30/2014
64. I Promise You (Trijan Refrain) 8/11/2012
65. I Miss You 7/29/2012
66. I'M Not Ashamed 7/25/2012
67. Our First Date (Tri-Fall) 8/10/2012
68. A Paradelle Of A Poet (The Paradelle) 8/12/2012
69. A Cursed Gift 8/2/2012
70. My Story Of Love And Heartbreak (The Paramirror) 8/15/2012
71. A Love Like Hers 6/29/2012
72. Dream Of The Unknown 8/25/2012
73. I Cry 7/24/2012
74. Lies (The Mirror Sestet) 8/14/2012
75. A Story Of True Love 3/16/2012
76. You Should Have Hated Me 3/22/2012
77. A Withered Flower 3/18/2012
78. The Show 3/15/2012
79. My Tomb 3/17/2012
80. In The Stillness Of The Night 3/19/2012

Comments about Adam McKim

  • Www. (9/3/2012 10:28:00 AM)

    In my assessment as one who teaches English language and literature and as one who occasionally asks my students to write poems and stories at times your poetry has a charm of its own with vibrant and well focussed thought patterns. Mr Adam McKim has a Frostian philosophy in its hidden shades and he is going to make it greater still I believe. All the best Mr Adam

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  • Lisa Struthers (8/3/2012 8:16:00 PM)

    I just have to say, I had to read all your poems once I read the first. They say things I've felt that I could never give the right words too. So thank's truly nice to know that it's not just me who feels as you do! ! ! Keep writing, you really have a way with words that convey so many different emotions.

  • Christine Blaydes Christine Blaydes (3/28/2012 12:41:00 AM)

    I love your poems, they are so cleaver and well said. Life changing. keep it up! =D

  • Alexianna Brandhagen (3/24/2012 4:56:00 PM)

    your poems are well-written, well-phrased, and well done overall. i seldom find poems with so much raw emotion, and i look forward to any more you submit. brava

Best Poem of Adam McKim

A Broken Heart's Song

A broken heart's song,
Starts out slow.
A confusion of melodies,
With easy flow.

Keys of a piano,
Play a sad tune.
But nothing compared,
To what comes soon.

Strings of violins,
Add to the gloom.
The broken heart's song,
Fills the room.

Confusion fades,
The hurt settles in.
As a Theremin's cry,
Creeps under the skin.

The pain is too much,
For the broken heart.
As the days go by,
The anger starts.

The beating of drums,
From hitting the wall.
The crash of cymbals,
As you ...

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Love Never Dies

Lying here on my bed,
Crying tears, for you have fled.
Leaving loose ends never tied,
But for me, love never dies.

You may think that love hurts,
But to me, love is no curse.
Some say they love and they lie,
But for me, love never dies.

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