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1. Endless Thoughts Of A Romantic 11/5/2011
2. Left With Only Questions 11/6/2011
3. A Person-Less Soul 11/9/2011
4. Eternal Rest 11/9/2011
5. What A Beautiful Name 11/9/2011
6. Fearless 11/9/2011
7. Just-A-Kiss 11/9/2011
8. A Painful Thought 11/9/2011
9. Fate 11/9/2011
10. A Gorgeous Taboo 11/9/2011
11. A Day With Cindy 11/9/2011
12. Why Everyone Is Beautiful 11/9/2011
13. An Inevitable Reunion 11/11/2011
14. First Thoughts 6/23/2012
15. A Hopeless Romantic 1 6/23/2012
16. My Insomnia 10/27/2011
17. Talking And Laughing Rno 10/27/2011
18. A Thought In The Night 10/27/2011
19. The Harsh Truth 10/27/2011
20. Bubbles And Ghosts 10/27/2011
21. Before I Go, You Must Know 11/2/2011
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Before I Go, You Must Know

The feelings I have, I mustn't conceal,
For in the future they shall bring me to kneel.
You are truly different from the rest,
To find the truth, just feel my chest.

You make want to change my ways,
To prove to you, that you’re not a phase,
When I am around you, I’m a nervous craze!
Almost as if, in a high daze.

When I hold you within my brace,
I feel as though I’m in an unearthly place,
Whilst your hair it lies in my face
The aroma is that of an unbelievable grace.

And when I gaze into your eyes,
The rest of the world, it no longer ...

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My Insomnia

Is anyone there!
Does anyone care! ?
That all I can do, is sit here and stare!
Whilst in my mind these thoughts they snare!

The tribulation that I bear, it isn't fair!
No one truly understands, what it is my body demands!
The torment of never ending thought
for years this burden I have fought!

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