Adaobi Chiemelu

Biography of Adaobi Chiemelu

Born of Igbo-Nigerian parents in Idemili, Anambra, Adaobi Chiemelu was brought up in South-East Nigeria. She started her journey with spoken word poetry since the year 2014. Christ, Igbo and math inspire her art. She has interests in math, languages and theatrical arts, and may be found playing tennis, chess, modelling before a camera, or eating her favourite dish, ukwa. Updates

The Speaking Scarves

I understood the scarf tied around your head when I watched you tug at it. The scantily threaded scarf you could hardly trade almost giving way yet you were barely worn out from all that wearing.

I understood because I could see my reflection on the face of your scarf. Myself all worn and torn from exhaustion more than from age. Exhausted from your preferential treatment of scorn and judgement.

It shall be well with you, but only after I have spoken my mind.