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Addy Adenawo Poems

1. Little Black Box 5/18/2013
2. Feminine High 5/18/2013
3. This, Even This, Shall Pass 5/18/2013
4. Love Requited 5/18/2013
5. The Hypothetical 'Mr Right' 5/18/2013
6. Dreamer Girl 5/18/2013
7. Julia 5/18/2013
8. Never Ride Solo 5/18/2013
9. Meet Me 5/18/2013
10. Old Beginning 6/2/2013
11. Whirlwind Romance 6/19/2013
12. Escape 10/14/2013
13. Sunset 10/16/2013
14. Seun's Poem 10/19/2013
15. Drowned In Nues 1/13/2014
16. Inner Peace(Fun Piece) 3/21/2014
17. Inner Peace 3/22/2014
18. Where The Lines End We Meet 3/25/2014
19. Since The Darkness Came 4/25/2014
20. Kindred 6/2/2014
21. A New Beginning 6/11/2014
22. Haiku T2- Three Randomness 9/29/2014
23. Wanderlust 9/15/2015
24. Haiku 9/17/2015
25. Haiku Duo 9/17/2015
26. The Awakening 9/21/2015
27. Haiku T1 (Midnight Routine) 9/29/2014
28. Philosophy Of The Snail 5/18/2013
29. A Sonnet For Maya 6/7/2014
30. Merging Territories 5/17/2013
31. You Are My Angel 5/21/2013
32. Rude Awakening 5/17/2013
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Rude Awakening

How long would it take before the veil would drop?
How long before the bubble burst?
Her perfect world is crumbling right before her eyes
She can do nothing but watch it crash

Her heart was in her eyes, she wore it on her sleeve
Brighter than a beacon, plain for the world to see
She wove dreams faster than she could see them
Pitching tents with an enemy disguised as a friend

No matter how many times she gets scarred she still goes back to get burnt again
Hoping that her lover's love would be regained
She still holds out a torch
For the love she's ...

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Feminine High

Just the thought would pull any woman out of the darkest mood
It'd pierce and shatter any kind of gloom
A radiant smile would burst out and she'd giggle in pure delight
An exciting and bubbly interest it'd ignite

The 'mighty' sex exploit this weakness
They use it to get out of countless offenses
They flash their credit cards and waggle them like meat to a starving dog
And like a magic trick, she can't remember what he did wrong

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