Addy CMT

Biography of Addy CMT

I'm just another guy that reads and writes literature to wash out any pent up emotion.
Poetry is a love hate affair with me. I truly love'feeling' poetry and being moved by it. However, I hate, with all my heart when it is analysed. My very bones shake with frustration when people cut apart every sentence for techniques, just enjoy it!

Addy CMT's Works:

I've got a book I'm trying to get published and am set to start writing a second while I'm at it.
So yeah... still a nobody. Updates

Path Of Fire

O Lord by the mountain and sea!
What fate have you for me?
Hurl upon me death and tragedy!

Show me the light and engulf me in the dark,
I will fight for my humanity,
I will always rise with the lark

The path I tread may be laden with tears and blood,

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