Addy CMT

Biography of Addy CMT

I'm just another guy that reads and writes literature to wash out any pent up emotion.
Poetry is a love hate affair with me. I truly love'feeling' poetry and being moved by it. However, I hate, with all my heart when it is analysed. My very bones shake with frustration when people cut apart every sentence for techniques, just enjoy it!

Addy CMT's Works:

I've got a book I'm trying to get published and am set to start writing a second while I'm at it.
So yeah... still a nobody. Updates

The Beast

He who is I and I who is he
Both the same, yet so different
He stares back into me, eyes ever widening into the abyss
The darkness! so deep, yet so shallow.
It invigorates me.

Before me I see a beast,
Yet within me he resides,
Am I too a beast?

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