Ade Renny Dwi Damayanti

Ade Renny Dwi Damayanti Poems

1. Who Am I? (No One Knows) 8/2/2012
2. What Do You Know...You Don'T Know A Thing 8/2/2012
3. Dear Night 8/2/2012
4. The War In Self 8/2/2012
5. Virtual - Love 8/2/2012
6. End Of The Season 8/2/2012
7. The Journey Of Love Is End 8/2/2012
8. Colors Of Season 8/2/2012
9. I Remember 8/2/2012
10. Once 8/2/2012
11. Dulu 8/2/2012
12. Aku Ada 8/2/2012
13. Mampu Dan Tak Lagi 8/2/2012
14. Mungkin 8/2/2012
15. Sesalku 8/2/2012
16. Sakit 8/2/2012
17. Just Want You To Understand 8/4/2012
18. Unconditional Love 8/15/2012
19. Lost It All 9/14/2012
20. Regret 9/15/2012
21. Sunrise 9/20/2012
22. Once (Dulu - English Version) 10/2/2012
23. Always Around (Aku Ada - English Version) 10/2/2012
24. Could But Could Not Anymore (Mampu Dan Tak Lagi - English Version) 10/2/2012
25. Maybe (Mungkin - English Version) 10/2/2012
26. Vulnerable 10/20/2012
27. Separately 11/8/2012
28. When? ? ? 12/20/2012
29. Only A Human 11/6/2013
30. Burn 11/6/2013
31. Recognition 11/6/2013
32. My Regret 1/31/2014

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What Do You Know...You Don'T Know A Thing

What do you know,

When we fought, i tried my best to fixing

To prove what i did was an honesty

But you dont know a thing...

What do you know,

When i said i love you

It was from the bottom of my heart

But you never want to know a thing...

What do you know,

How i wait the morning comes soon

As soon as me to see you and hear your voice

But you dont know those things...

What do you know,

How the laughter flies

When our jokes brighten up your smile

But you dont ...

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The War In Self

I am in the middle of somewhere
Been waiting for the sun shine
My eyes wide open sight
Hoping could see the world i should belong to

I am in the middle of conversation
Been trying to say something in heart
My words i can not verbalize
The language only me who understand

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