Adegbite Adeyinka

Freshman - 688 Points [Jamiey] (14-05-1991)

Adegbite Adeyinka Poems

41. Good Times, Bad Days 5/24/2016
42. Make Me A Home Here 7/18/2016
43. Time Once Lost 8/11/2016
44. He Is Not My Friend 8/23/2016
45. In Solemn Worship 9/1/2016
46. Sworn To Love 9/1/2016
47. Love Goes On 9/1/2016
48. Wake Me Up 9/16/2016
49. Nigeria, Great Again 10/2/2016
50. Love Takes Two 11/21/2016
51. Abandoned Dreams 11/22/2016
52. Write Your Spirit 12/10/2016
53. Better Days 12/10/2016
54. Moods 12/22/2016
55. True Love 12/28/2016
56. Resilience 2/26/2018
57. Dance In The Rain 7/22/2013
58. So Much Love 5/15/2013
59. To A Beautiful Star 6/29/2013
60. Mi Corazon 7/16/2013
61. Kiss Me Goodnight 3/11/2016
62. Still The Tears 3/10/2014
63. Tomorrow, Tomorrow 6/26/2013
64. A Late Night Tryst 6/18/2013
65. My Other Half 11/20/2016
66. Life As A Garden 5/25/2016
67. One Day When We Die 7/2/2016
68. Bundle Of Joy (7/7) 7/7/2016
69. Prayer 7/25/2013
70. Day I Told Pa A Lie 5/4/2013
71. To My Dad 6/16/2013
72. Goodnight's Prayer 5/1/2013
73. Undying Love 5/24/2013

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Best Poem of Adegbite Adeyinka

Undying Love

The Son who errs,
His father will not hold
If sin, such love, deters
Love of man is sold
Can, stool, the mind forgive
Smeared on a dish of meal and give?

My love be bought by what I see
But loving all, I seldom do
You bore the cross and paid the fee
For we, ungrateful 'who'
Albeit, the robes of our sin
For us, the scourge tore your skin.

Made us a worthy nation
In death
You burn the cloak, condemnation,
And doctor our spirit, health.
I shall speak of this undying love
Of the Father up above.

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Like A Rose

She wears a fragrance so refreshing
Her gentle countenance sparks a light;
Beauty clasps her skin like a fleshing
Her allure, no one dares fight.

Whenever she smiles, a merry band plays,
And if I say, she signals it stale;
So much I've heard their replays
Still my words bear a tale.

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