Rookie (7th of June / Lagos, Nigeria)

Biography of ADEKEMI BANJO

Adekemi Banjo was born in Lagos, Nigeria in the late 1970 to Stephen and Grace Banjo. She was brought up with several other children and had her early education in Lagos metropolitan. She later grew up in the sub-urban part of Lagos called Epe after her father's retirement in the city, and then started writing poems and short stories.

Adekemi developed her writing skills especially during this time and have ever since continued. She later on studied accountancy from The Polytechnic Ibadan, Nigeria, and moved to United Kingdom to further her education in 2004.

Adekemi is presently living in the United Kingdom. Updates


The roaring sound emerge from every where
Hurl black space outside on a winter night
The sound erupt feelings of despair and loneliness
Distant, yet so very close

The crying voice embedded in my head
Flushes of emotions buried long ago
Emotions long hidden and yet to be unwrapped
Eager to be released, yet difficult to let go

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