Adele Katie Bowling

Rookie (August 23,1998 / Dayton, Ohio)

Biography of Adele Katie Bowling

Hello! My name is Adele and I want to be a poet someday. I'm currently fourteen years old and I've written several poems.

I really think that poetry is a form of art, and art is all about expressing yourself or making a point. I feel like a poem is like a seed floating on the wind. It's blown into your mind for a few moments, just long enough for you to grasp the words. I think that each seed that floats upon the wind has a purpose. It is meant to bring someone through a hard time, help them realize something, or give someone help. I believe that each poem I write is given to me to help someone who will someday find my poem and be helped. Someone will read my poem and hold on or let go, and smile in relief. This, writing poetry, is what gives me significance in this huge world. I know that my poetry will someday benefit someone, and them I'll be able to sleep easy and smile.

Adele Katie Bowling's Works:

None yet, sorry! (I wish it was otherwise, though!) Updates


This isn't
A free country
Until our true selves
Are no longer trapped
Behind the bars
Of society

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