Adeline Foster

Instructor of poetry, Hagerstown, MD
Adeline Foster
Instructor of poetry, Hagerstown, MD


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Mahtab Bangalee 19 November 2019
Adeline Foster is really one of the great poetess, I love her for her simply greatest poetic expressions
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Beth K. Lamont 29 March 2016
Adeline foster, your thoughts touch my heart and connect with those of my own still unwritten. Thank YOU! In appreciation from Beth :)
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Vanita Allgood 11 December 2015
I really liked your poem O Dearest love Wow so you teach poetry no wonder I should have known the way you write. Do you have any books or eBook's on the poems you have written. I
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nice poems. you are great in showing feels.that shows a good improvement. i invite you to read my poems at my poets page. that is a friendly invitation
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Mark Walters 13 May 2014
Hey: This is Mark Walters. I read your poem, If there be no God. Very nice, I like the rhyme and two stanzas is a good length. I use the reference to eagles in my poem A sign of life because at times in Scripture God has been compared to a soaring eagle. Thanks, Mark Walters
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Hello Adeline: I did read Indebted. I liked it very much. It's cheeky, funny elegantly terse, with a nice rhyme scheme and structure. I feel honored that you left me a comment, and invited me to read one of yours. I think your poems must be like Lay's Potato Chips. A person is not satisfied with just one.
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Xavier Knevitt Wytherkaye 15 December 2013
You are my first, i will love you forever..
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Geetha Lakshmi 29 September 2013
I read many of your poems. Very nice, inspired me lot
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Richard Lackman 24 August 2013
Adeline, Thanks so much for you kind comments. The next best thing to writing poetry is having someone else enjoy your poems. I had not come across your work before but I am happy to have found your poetry. The quality of your poems is striking and the skill with which they were written is obvious. I read about 15 of them this morning and enjoyed all of them. I will keep you on my list to continue reading. Thanks again, Dick Lackman
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Nataki Morain 03 April 2012
i am loving this poem, ..........................
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Theresa Cummings 15 November 2011
Dear Adeline, I was reading your bio and noticed that you lived in New Brunswick? I have some family living there as well. Another coincidence is that I spent my formative years in Rockville MD! I went to Rockville high school & Montgomery College! I now live on Cape Cod. Your poetry is marvelous. I especially enjoyed your poem about cats. You are a writer!
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Stan Petrovich 18 August 2011
Dear, Adeline, you are after my heart & the tree in me...
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James B. Earley 10 June 2008
Adeline Foster - A passionate writer of extraordinary rhythmic sense!
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Taniya Walton 18 January 2008
Beautiful! . The thought of my grandchildren or their children not being able to see autumn leaves is a sad one. I hope that day never comes.
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