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  • ''life is a bed of rose for the fools but the wise ones knows better.''
    not many are born with silver spoon but tried to live with silver spoon in your mouth.
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  • ''do not panic with fire at your rooftop but calm down and reason how to put it off''
    be calm and patient in all situation
  • ''your dreams can't come through in your imaginations except you build them.''
    build your dream don't live on them.
  • ''you can't ask a man to run and at the same time he should crawl.''
    don't expect much from people.
  • ''we live in falseness dashing all hope of truthfulness.''
    be truthful in all
  • ''the one who live by his word and die by his word is thoroughly the brave.''

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oh death!
how thy name ring in my head
how flawless is thy
thy valiant knight of ages
you whose name fear the king and shake it empire
thy knight live in fear of your name.
thy bravest king tremble by thy feet begging for mercy of life.
you lay your icy hand on the king; all empire shake in fear of your
the king of forest shake at your apparitus
i wonder who on earth will fight the battle and win? i wonder and wonder but no one on earth.thy age rivals you; so does time because when you come age can't stop you neither can't time do so.
you devour the ...

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Fire Song

tis a fire in thy blood that draws me to the;
my maid of Britain.
a softies in your eyes that makes me dream of nights in your gentle arms.
your woman beauty meet my hungry eyes beckoning on me
my maid of Britain.
Tis fire in the blood that makes me yearn to hold thee more close
the softness of your smile draws me to thee,
my maid of Britain
tis a fire i long give thee

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