1. The World Unknown 11/23/2012
2. Sweet Love 11/23/2012
3. Invisible Hands 12/7/2012
4. The Man In The Mirror 12/7/2012
5. Battle Field 12/7/2012
6. If I Could 12/7/2012
7. I Know You 12/7/2012
8. My Voice 12/7/2012
9. Family 12/7/2012
10. The Proposal 12/7/2012
11. Night 11/10/2012
12. Life 11/10/2012
13. Behind It All 11/12/2012
14. Super Mom 1/15/2013
15. Me 1/15/2013
16. Path Of Loneliness 1/15/2013
17. Morning 3/29/2013
18. Things Fall Apart 3/30/2013
19. Time 11/12/2012
20. I Am A Girl 11/16/2012
21. African 11/12/2012
22. It's Christmas 12/7/2012
23. Mental Slavery 11/12/2012

Mental Slavery

Freedom running about
searching for its opposite unlucky victims
alas! here they are
bound in chains
poor eyes for you are too naked to see

Though the unlucky victims
move about carrying the tag FREEDOM with them
its a pity
to know that the set of their minds
had been tightly chained

But then in these people
lies strength
inner strength i must say
for their physical strength had been tamed to sleep
or perhaps wiped off

This strength stirs up in them
while it stirs
it tends to fine tune the set of their minds
and partly open ...

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Black, bold and beautiful
full of life, pride and dignity
struggles through the storm
yet remains top

'Apes' they are called
but apes do have hearts
hearts filled with life
hearts to cry and laugh

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