Adeosun Olamide

Adeosun Olamide Poems

161. To Say Goodbye 4/28/2015
162. The Rhapsodists Last 4/29/2015
163. From The Whore On 9th Avenue 4/29/2015
164. A Day Away 5/1/2015
165. What I Hear In My Dreams 5/3/2015
166. On A Day Like Yesterday 5/3/2015
167. The Girl That Fell From The 7th Floor 5/3/2015
168. From The Dukes Widow 5/3/2015
169. From The Companions 5/6/2015
170. Eugene Questions- 5/9/2015
171. The Woman By The Cathedral 5/10/2015
172. When Your Baby Comes- A Fever 5/10/2015
173. From The Abomination We Lynched 5/12/2015
174. The Woman Up Here 5/14/2015
175. The Dream Of Little Sophie 5/18/2015
176. The Paper On Her Chest 5/22/2015
177. At The Church Across 5/22/2015
178. Sayings At The Lobby 5/22/2015
179. From The Autopsies Inquest 5/24/2015
180. The Masked Man Response 5/25/2015
181. I Could Be 5/25/2015
182. At The Diagnosis Of -Johns Ménages 5/25/2015
183. To Where My Makers Loathe 5/30/2015
184. Then I Clubbed Him To Death 5/30/2015
185. Where Our Tests Lies 6/1/2015
186. The Whispers’ That Art His Ears 6/4/2015
187. From The Somber Inebriate 6/6/2015
188. What She Says To The Mirrors 6/13/2015
189. The Queen Up The Hills 6/13/2015
190. Beyond The Moment 6/15/2015
191. To My Sires In Patriarchal Street- 6/18/2015
192. Tis All Flipping 6/19/2015
193. Death Whispers 6/23/2015
194. I Am Love 6/25/2015
195. A Poem Of Isaac 6/25/2015
196. The Jasmine In The Cold 6/27/2015
197. From The Boy Afloat- 6/30/2015
198. A Task By Thee 7/4/2015
199. From The Scientist In The Shade 7/5/2015
200. From Hymn The Heresies 7/6/2015

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Best Poem of Adeosun Olamide

Season Of The Coffin Makers

Out here in mist, a virgin widow
With coffin just wedded husband
He died of laughter, she says
That was pure, untouched

In here the mist, a virgin mother
With coffin just wedded daughter
She died of syphilis, she hears
As priest turns her away

Out there in paradise town, a candle light
With coffin of virgin mother
She died of laughter, all says
That twitch sprouts in head hers

And silence in the cathedral
Out here beneath mist
The coffin of its priest
A veiled rapist night before shot- heard

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Mides Note

Gently the brook that babbled by did in stillness
Daffodils tossed by the genteel breeze blemishes
witheringly bent,
Silence and fear cuddled, raped and caressed the
angered land,
And all that was heard were whispers of pule
without lament.

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