Adeosun Olamide

Adeosun Olamide Quotes

  • ''The people in denial. Here where the spent, undesired sparkle best, here is darkness. I the filth, the odor, the ugly, I the best.''
    A Traveller
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  • ''To those who died today, rest on. To those who were robbed, be glad you have your life.''
    A Traveller
  • ''Now anyone can break news, get a truck and kill our loved ones, let us remember to be our brothers keeper, to be kind - to seek out those who hurt and offer them healing.''
    A Traveller
  • ''There is no foul feelings, it is only what it is steered towards.''
    A Traveller
  • ''You lost your job, sober little - some were wives yesterday, mothers this morning.''
    A Traveller
  • ''Are you losing your beauty? Sober little, tomorrow some are losing their legs.''
    A Traveller
  • ''You have a scar there, shame little - some have lost their breast.''
    A Traveller
  • ''Put my heart in a jar- but away from the cockroaches, put the jar in the dark- but away from the rats.''
    A Traveller
  • ''I am above all, beneath all, in my robes of pearl a filthy soul and in this hides of a sheep - I am a wolf, in this fur- a pig.''
    A Traveller
  • ''In some places, Jesus still would be killed.''
    Highly religious states.

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Best Poem of Adeosun Olamide

Season Of The Coffin Makers

Out here in mist, a virgin widow
With coffin just wedded husband
He died of laughter, she says
That was pure, untouched

In here the mist, a virgin mother
With coffin just wedded daughter
She died of syphilis, she hears
As priest turns her away

Out there in paradise town, a candle light
With coffin of virgin mother
She died of laughter, all says
That twitch sprouts in head hers

And silence in the cathedral
Out here beneath mist
The coffin of its priest
A veiled rapist night before shot- heard

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Traveler Stone

I have wandered lonely in deserts,
I have crossed oceans,
I have seen the mightiest of hills and valleys,
I have slept in mighty shadows of death, of pain.
I have heard of you, the gods has exposed me the way.
The crow of a cock is unlike the roar of cats.
The hisses of snakes are unlike the screeches of owls.
The croak of a frog is unique like the maiden of your city.
The gods has cursed your town with beauty.

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