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  • ''Samson loved Delilah. He knew what bothered her and would let himself be blinded just for her glory, just for her happiness - now that is love.''
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  • ''Jesus should teach God about forgiveness, about forgetting - Jesus should tell God as he told us- 'To love our enemies' and maybe just if) , the world won't be in this much despair. What gain is there if you love those who loves you? Now God must love the devil.''
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  • ''The diamonds in the cratons prays to be found, to be held, they yearn for your neck, your finger, your wrist.''
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  • ''Watch, for thorns in the embrace, watch for knives in the hug, for suffocation- watch for fire in the warmth and in the kiss- have an antidote for the venom.''
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  • ''Please remember, some sleep well a night before and don't wake at sun rise, they never wake. Tomorrow ain't promised, our lives, a delicate little thing. This moment that you have, do some good deeds, some great stuffs, be kind, be forgiving, be warm to those that shivers, give her some of those robes, deliver a flower to the one everyone is disgusted by... Yh, this are great deeds and with this - we know we won't die tomorrow, the thought of us at least.''
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  • ''Give yourself to a cause my friend, a book you want to understand, a smile to that homeless kid on your street, a hug for that old dirty man who has no roof over his head. Thus are the things, acts that gives worth to our lives- a dedication to learning, to loving, to healing. You should remember too- even now the countless amount of life you can touch by a singularly deed. My friend, your life is ahead and beautiful. You begin to unmask it when this little things grasp your thoughts.''
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  • ''You are beautiful my friend, just because you were not yesterday - don't mean you can't be today, and just because you were not desired yesterday don't mean you won't be today. What makes us attractive I believe goes beyond the surface, imperfections, scars we bear, beyond our height. It's truly our heart that makes us attractive, our deeds, the way we lighten our lives and those around us. Smile and be nice, this makes others see the beauty in you, it opens you up. Be good, love will find you.''
    A Traveller
  • ''And God cursed the serpent. Why?''
    A Traveller
  • ''I have no anger for Miss Rihanna, as you masturbates on her pictures, while I lay wasted.''
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  • ''I have no hatred for Miss Juliet, we all were once desirable.''
    A Traveller

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Best Poem of Adeosun Olamide

Season Of The Coffin Makers

Out here in mist, a virgin widow
With coffin just wedded husband
He died of laughter, she says
That was pure, untouched

In here the mist, a virgin mother
With coffin just wedded daughter
She died of syphilis, she hears
As priest turns her away

Out there in paradise town, a candle light
With coffin of virgin mother
She died of laughter, all says
That twitch sprouts in head hers

And silence in the cathedral
Out here beneath mist
The coffin of its priest
A veiled rapist night before shot- heard

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Mides Note

Gently the brook that babbled by did in stillness
Daffodils tossed by the genteel breeze blemishes
witheringly bent,
Silence and fear cuddled, raped and caressed the
angered land,
And all that was heard were whispers of pule
without lament.

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