Adeoye Adetoba

Adeoye Adetoba Poems

1. Table Of Consent 4/4/2012
2. Òjé Màrínà 4/5/2012
3. One Bucket Of Water 4/6/2012
4. Fire Beneath The Garb 4/10/2012
5. A Dance Over The Graves 4/13/2012
6. The Wing Story 4/17/2012
7. The Cutlass 4/23/2012
8. Broken Chains 5/12/2012
9. The Sixth Day 5/12/2012
10. The Drummer Beneath 9/9/2012
11. The Broom Above The Lintel 9/10/2012
12. Bone Of Contention 9/11/2012
13. Anatomy Of Death 12/8/2012
14. Omnipresent 12/10/2012
15. A Tale Of Two Kings 6/27/2014
16. Expectant Gaze 6/27/2014
17. Matters Of The Wings 6/27/2014
18. Gallant Bottles 6/27/2014
19. Yahoo Chat 6/28/2014
20. Spoonfools 6/28/2014
21. Bombs And Bacteria 7/2/2014
22. Magun 8/31/2016
23. Liposuction 5/16/2012
24. Dreams From A Jaundiced Eye 5/18/2012
25. Gifts Of Life 8/8/2012
26. The Weaker Vessel 8/13/2012
27. Incantation Of The Brave 8/26/2012
28. The Whistle's Dirge 5/12/2012
29. Bird Of Passage 4/8/2012
30. Red, Red, Red 9/9/2012

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Best Poem of Adeoye Adetoba

Red, Red, Red

Scarlet Women!
You've turned my soul crimson.
My eyes bloodshot
My heart aflamed with red fire
Ignited by the red lights in your district
And all i see is red, red, red.

Consumed by the fire you harbour,
The excitement on mutton has vanished
At the emergence of painful red sores
Acquired from your workbench.
Fire burns in my crotch
And all i see is red, red, red.

Scarlet Woman!
Woe to the man you lure into your red chamber.
Your pit of hell is pleasant at first
But the agony thereafter is hellish.
I have eaten the sour grapes you ...

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Bird Of Passage

They filled their seats fitted not like coffins,
As the bird, with age perched on its wings,
Prepared for the sky.
Into the dark of the night it soared
Into the sky it had known and charted,
It glided with grace.

Did darkness becloud the bird?
Or its wings surrendered to the youthful storm

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