Adesegun Adejugbe

Veteran Poet - 1,008 Points [Rans' Adejugbe] (Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria)

Biography of Adesegun Adejugbe

" Poems

One read poems
in sweet pains,
but in all poems
there is so much to gain.

So much to gain,
like euphoria,
that makes one
read them again.

Poems are written,
from in depth reasonings,
reasonings needed
for all seasons.

Each poem comes with lessons,
great lessons,
that intuit in depth reasonings,
reasonings needed for real blessing.

In all,
each poem is nothing
but a real blessing
For every season."

I am a lawyer and lover of poetry. Updates

Life (Pains & Gains)

As life is unfolding its mysteries and illusion
Confuse and convince all are;
Whatever life brings, life is beautiful.

To seek and understand
this world is
full of pains and gains.

To understand the reasons

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