Adesegun Adejugbe

Veteran Poet - 1,008 Points [Rans' Adejugbe] (Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria)

Adesegun Adejugbe Quotes

  • '''Never stop loving, never start hating; love all till you transcend this life.'''
    love and life.
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  • '''Should law regulates love or love should regulates laws? I think love & its tenet should be rationally & logically imputed into legal theory to bringlasting peace the world crave for.'''
    Law and Love.
  • ''Someone may obey laws but does not love, but anyone that love will obey all fair laws.''
    Love and laws
  • ''The distinction between love and laws, is that love work from inside of mankind while laws work from outside of mankind, that is, love correct the intent and actions of a man, while laws correct his action alone_ The simple analysis of this is that: A person that is propel to act just to obey laws, will need to be told, guided and sometimes compel to act in the rightful way, while a person that is propel to act by love need not to be told, guided and compel to act in a loving or rightful way but instead he act natural from heart(good intent) .

    The final conclusion is that, love and its tenet needs to be imputed rationally and logically into legal theory in order to make perfect laws(good-fair laws) that will bring about true justice and lasting peace.

    © Ransome Adejugbe 2015

    Note: Remember Apostle Paul(Paul of Tersus) said ' He that love have fulfilled the law' Roman 13: 8.''
    Love and laws

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Wind Of Love

Under the wind of love
There our love lay perpetually
There we merry together happily
Among us, there are no foes
But friends: Friends of good wills and cheers.

Under the wind of love:
We all experience the same love
That bind us together

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