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Biography of Adesola Tomilade

Adesola Tomilade is an aspiring creative writer who takes delight in pouring out his mind on any subject ranging from the political atmosphere of his country to the beauty of life anywhere.

I am a Nigerian with a very strong passion for writing. I am also a graduate from one of the most reputable universities in Nigeria. I speak English, French, Pidgin English and Yoruba fluently, while I also speak basic German and Igbo.

I believe we are all intelligent, but our level of intelligence differs. That though, I believe does not mean you are more intelligent than me. Our exposure is what really determines our level of intelligence.

I write on almost about everything. As the spirit directs (smiles) , as long as it makes sense to me and to the reader. I can be very spontaneous, and sometimes I can be very hilarious. But don't worry, there always will be a point and a message to pass.

I love making friends and meeting people. I gues that makes me a bit of the extrovert side. But I am careful with the kind of friend I make also. I'll really love to be friends with multi-linguists, especially anyone who can speak French or German.

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Adesola Tomilade's Works: Updates

What Love Should Be

Who cares if love is blind?
As far as I am concerned, I can see
And I can see through your emotions
To know if truly you are in love

Who cares if you have fallen in love?
As far as I am concerned, I am standing
And I stand strong to pick you up
After you allow a love blind to fall you down

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