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I loved poetry since I was a kid and I started writing poetry when I was in junior high school
But a lot of my poetry archive that has been lost because basically I wrote just for fun, just for personal consumption
most of my poems with the theme of love, but then I started to learn and expand on the themes are more universal
I am not a good writer so I would be very grateful if I am given some input, advice or criticism
One more thing, I write in my language, the Indonesian language, then I translated it into English in this forum
So it is very possible fault wording or meaning of the poems that I posted here because I was less proficient in English
I hope my works can be accepted and became the inspiration for my friends who read it Updates

The Owner Of Words

carefully picking the scripts
guiding letters into the word
with sense mapped the meaning
edge and center no longer different

graceful pens split a face
embrace the words, fondle the rhymes
hope radiated, feelings spoken
amongst the stanzas slowly blooming

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