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Adnana Saric Poems

1. Meaning Of Love 3/30/2006
2. I Love You 4/1/2006
3. Let Me Know 4/1/2006
4. So Must Hurt Like Hell To Be You 4/2/2006
5. I Do It Worse 4/2/2006
6. Lost Friend 4/2/2006
7. Now, You Barely Speak 4/7/2006
8. My Love 5/7/2006
9. This Is My Goodbye 6/20/2006
10. Summer Has Come 6/20/2006
11. One Another, We Please 8/17/2006
12. She Wouldn’t Be A Fool, Like Before 8/18/2006
13. Goddess Of Love 1/13/2007
14. Mama 1/13/2007
15. Others Despise You 2/28/2007
16. Price Of Beauty And Work 3/3/2007
17. Straight To The Heart 4/1/2007
18. Last Goodbye 4/1/2007
19. I Remember 4/3/2007
20. Luxury 4/3/2007
21. Someone 4/3/2007
22. My Last Words 4/25/2007
23. Over 4/25/2007
24. Once 5/13/2007
25. Send My Love To My Number One 8/23/2006
26. I'Ll Never Ask You Why 9/16/2006
27. Love Is Hell 9/26/2006
28. Shattered Heart 10/22/2006
29. To My Baby 11/15/2006
30. Springtime Love 6/12/2007
31. Ten Wishes 6/30/2007
32. If I Told You 6/30/2007
33. Sparkle 7/10/2007
34. My Blood 8/21/2007
35. Ice May Be Cold 8/27/2007
36. If Love 9/13/2007
37. Tables Are Turning 9/19/2007
38. I Won'T Love You 9/20/2007
39. Just Because Of His Appearance, He Was Disrespected 9/30/2007
40. Small Things Mean The World 9/30/2007

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I Miss You

I miss you with every step that I take,
I miss you with every wish that I make.
My world without you is like a bird without wings,
Because you're my everything.
I miss you when I smile,
Because you make my smile grow.
I miss you so much,
But that you don't know.

I miss you when tears fall,
Because you're the one who made me cry.
My world is dark,
When you say goodbye.
I miss you when I go somewhere new,
Because I wish that I could be with you.
I miss you whenever you're not here,
So please don't ask me about the tears.

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Lost Friend

You woke me from an ordinary life,
Into my heart, you've placed a knife.
You'd passed on to a new world,
Not knowing that you were part of me, like of no other girl.

The times we shared,
And times we laughed,
I think of as I stare at your photograph.
The secrets we told,

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