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41. The Wheel Turns Constantly 9/30/2007
42. To My First Love 11/18/2007
43. Love Bells 11/18/2007
44. I'M Calling Your Heart Back To Me 1/3/2008
45. Photograph 1/3/2008
46. These Arms Of Mine 2/8/2008
47. Peace In Exchange 2/8/2008
48. Life Is A Candle 2/8/2008
49. This Is A City 2/8/2008
50. Pretty View 2/8/2008
51. River Of Love 2/8/2008
52. Kind Wishes 2/8/2008
53. Ice Princess 3/3/2008
54. He Did Not Come 3/7/2008
55. Raindrops Or Tears 3/19/2008
56. Let The World Know It 5/8/2008
57. One Day In My Life 5/20/2008
58. I Am As Strong 5/21/2008
59. The Pain In A Woman 5/21/2008
60. Losing You 8/1/2008
61. Lemon 8/2/2008
62. House Of A Stranger 8/18/2008
63. The Day You Died 8/29/2008
64. Too Late To Turn Back 10/4/2008
65. No Sunshine, No One 10/4/2008
66. Let My Rosebush Be 11/17/2008
67. Thirty Of My Tears Would Tell You How I Feel 9/19/2007
68. Just Because I Love You 9/19/2007
69. My Eagle 9/19/2007
70. On The Beach 9/19/2007
71. Gossip 4/21/2011
72. The Life Of A Flower 8/1/2008
73. Love Does Not Die 8/2/2008
74. Sweeter Than Sugar Or Honey 8/27/2007
75. I'M Thankful 11/18/2007
76. I'M His Rose 6/12/2007
77. I Love You For Who You Are 1/13/2007
78. I Miss You 8/23/2006

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I Miss You

I miss you with every step that I take,
I miss you with every wish that I make.
My world without you is like a bird without wings,
Because you're my everything.
I miss you when I smile,
Because you make my smile grow.
I miss you so much,
But that you don't know.

I miss you when tears fall,
Because you're the one who made me cry.
My world is dark,
When you say goodbye.
I miss you when I go somewhere new,
Because I wish that I could be with you.
I miss you whenever you're not here,
So please don't ask me about the tears.

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I Do It Worse

You betrayed the one you love,
Yet, I do it worse.
Folding yourself in half,
On you, god has put a curse.
Reaching out for the devil's hand,
I do it better than you can!
Having progress fall into my hands,
Guess you know you weren't the man
Having evil pumping through my veins,

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