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I Miss You

I miss you with every step that I take,
I miss you with every wish that I make.
My world without you is like a bird without wings,
Because you're my everything.
I miss you when I smile,
Because you make my smile grow.
I miss you so much,
But that you don't know.

I miss you when tears fall,
Because you're the one who made me cry.
My world is dark,
When you say goodbye.
I miss you when I go somewhere new,
Because I wish that I could be with you.
I miss you whenever you're not here,
So please don't ask me about the tears.

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Let Me Know

I fell in darkness,
As he broke my heart.
I emerged,
When you picked me up.
I blossomed, I soared,
For how long, I never know.

From all that I see,
There’s always a thing or two bothering me.

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