Adotupondte MD.

Rookie (17 feb 1985 / NEW DELHI)

Biography of Adotupondte MD. dreams, we see our reality in our own version...which can be better...and can be is poesy...through which, we can see our our imagination...better, or worse :)

my fav poet-pablo neruda

I am not jealous
of what came before me.

Come with a man
on your shoulders,
come with a hundred men in your hair,
come with a thousand men between your breasts and your feet,
come like a river
... full of drowned men
which flows down to the wild sea,
to the eternal surf, to Time!

Bring them all
to where I am waiting for you;
we shall always be alone,
we shall always be you and I
alone on earth,
to start our life!

Pablo Neruda Updates

What Lasts Forever? ? ?

'...In the end...'
I don't knoW
What happens
Where do I go...

But I shall take thy words,
'Cause thats all to me you owe;
Words...that shall live till eternity
And with me

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