Adrian Carrillo

Rookie (11-14-1988 / El Paso)

Biography of Adrian Carrillo

Born and raised in el paso, tx. Simply put I'm a college student-athlete passing time with poems and writings. I love this exercise i do that i like to call spontaneous writing...i give myself a half an hour time limit to write, edit, and finalize a poem. about all of my poems are done in this fashion. i love music. my writing style was heavily influenced by the music i hear. such artists i listen to are radiohead, bright eyes, sigur ros, and then some... Updates

Never Surprise

country sings the blues about being green
while every pounding action gets a result
the glass base is thick like the books on the shelf
no worry about breaking, it's not an emergency
review the review and envision the dream
just bunch up your news and stitch up the seams,
they have holes in them
door reflections without mirrored images,
but this one doesnt bite

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