Adrian Carrillo

Rookie (11-14-1988 / El Paso)

Biography of Adrian Carrillo

Born and raised in el paso, tx. Simply put I'm a college student-athlete passing time with poems and writings. I love this exercise i do that i like to call spontaneous writing...i give myself a half an hour time limit to write, edit, and finalize a poem. about all of my poems are done in this fashion. i love music. my writing style was heavily influenced by the music i hear. such artists i listen to are radiohead, bright eyes, sigur ros, and then some... Updates


I arrived at my destination
the local high school
it was a day that ranked no better than any other day
normal, some would say.
I was walking up this time tested building
when I noticed a fellow companion of mine
he was excited
'what does he have to be excited for, it is just another day'

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