Adrian HoadReddick

Rookie (August 25,1961 / Toronto)

Biography of Adrian HoadReddick

What happens when you combine a word junkie with a computer enthusiast? You get Adrian Hoad-Reddick. The Elora, Ontario resident is an English teacher and English Department Head, webmaster, a writer of prose and poetry, a radio host, the owner of his own Internet consulting company, and recently, the creator of several interactive websites which promote reading and writing, inlcuding an online school for aspiring writers. Beyond all this, his passion for the written word is evident in his infectious sense of humour.

Adrian received a Master of Education degree specializing in Computer Applications in Education from the University of Toronto (OISE) and he has had over sixteen years of teaching experience in four independent schools. In 1996 he moved to Elora from Hamilton, where he'd worked as Principal and English teacher at a campus of the Toronto French School. Adrian was attracted to Elora because of its beautiful environment and he enjoys spending time outdoors. Adrian is Head of English at nearby St. John's-Kilmarnock School; however, this is only one of the many occupations that keep this industrious creator busy.

Adrian loves to write and to inspire young writers. He enjoys writing poetry, e.e. cummings being one of his favourite poets. 'I sit down to write prose and poetry comes out, ' he says wryly.

The Poem Repair Shop is the title of his novel-in-progress. It is set in Elora and chronicles the story of a bookstore and its three owners. '' is also the online headquarters for the Writers' Craft course at St. John's-Kilmarnock.. At this password-protected website, students use online portfolios to post their writing. They receive feedback from their instructor as well as their peers. Adrian is committed to promoting creativity and literacy and this is one of the ways in which he encourages young people to engage in the act of writing.

Adrian also loves to read (he cites Wallace Stegner, Richard Russo, Peter Carey and Ian McEwan among his favourite authors.) Adrian is the creator of This website is a 'unique online forum that puts kids on charge of creating their own Internet book reports.' The site, which is ad-free, is supported by the Canadian publishers Kids Can Press and Raincoast Books and it strives to promote Canadian authors and books. 'It is a free book report tool kit that gives students from K-12 the opportunity to publish their own literary commentary, ' according to Adrian. has received over 1700 illustrated book reviews from children all over the world, including Australia and Israel, over thirty states in the U.S., and from across Canada.

In addition to the book reports section, contains original games and literacy resources for students. There is even a section to help children overcome writer's block. When asked what happens if students try to download someone else's report and hand it in as their own, Adrian replied, 'There is a mechanism in place to aid teachers to check for stolen reports.'

If you love to play with words, just type in to find educational, challenging and fun puzzles. Avocabo, for example, is a series of activities designed to enhance high school students' vocabulary.

These are only two of the educational websites that originate from Hoadworks, inc., the home-based enterprise of this tireless champion of the written word. Updates

Airborne Elegy

the three
filled a balloon with
helium and sadness
and words watermarked
by tears
for a dear mother

the airborne elegy
took to the sky

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