Adrienne Clark Strachn

Rookie (December 6 / New York)

Biography of Adrienne Clark Strachn

Born in New York State. I have always been interested in the Arts. My parents had me singing in choirs, playing the violin in the High School Orchestra. My first instrument was to play the piano from the age of 8. My parents had me in various recitals. I Attended Privacy thrills me
something that has never been seen
viewed only by my submission
viewed all the time by me.
Willed to ownership, you see
never allowed for you to see.
of course only by you,
who i choose to see.
Little girl, told to conceal it
little girl make him respect it.
Big girl told to use discretion
Savy woman, love can test it.
Holding the key to approval
selective ones only imagine
like a viel that covers
what is God's special gift to me.
Watch and you will see
I am that special lady
intentions to keep this sacred
smart intelligent warrior
come rescue me.
I love this precious temple
no man should destroy
woman have been fighting
for identity
only the private box
can conqueur
listen to me now
I want to be selective
you may take over
Pure desire is essental
Just a matter of time.
your whole being stays in my mind.
making love to me forever
forever on my mind
take this black box
fill it up with your essence
take me to higher levels
please, please me
all because its right time
the essence is in the black box
all designed for you..I attended Skidmore College and Ohio State Colleges and majored in Sociology.
I am a stay home mom, married to a wonderful man with six children. I am an Independent Avon Representative and an Independent Fantasia Home Party Romance Representative. I live in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. My biggest dream is to one day publish a book of poetry, a cookbook and to atleast write one novel.

Adrienne Clark Strachn's Works:

I have receieved various Editor's Choice Awards from from writing outstanding poetry. I do have a children's story that I wrote that I would love to publish one day. I am also interested in writing short Adult Stories, Erotic Short Stories.I would like to write one Christian Novel. I am always full of ideas. Updates

If My Man Were From Mars

If my man were from Mars
Their would be the same sparkle in his eyes
just like the first time we met.
when he touched me, held me, kissed me
we would melt in each others arms
like the first time we met
Perhaps when I walked in the door,
he would greet me with pink roses
He always remembered my favorite roses.

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