Adrienne Lee

Biography of Adrienne Lee

Adrienne Brent Lee (pseudonym-'Abel') is the pen- name used by a certain [blues/rock/alternative] singer/songwriter/musician. Abel is the front-man for 'thiS'. He is a disabled USNavy (airman) veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Op. Iraqi Freedom and grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mtns. as a home-schooled country-boy brought up hard-working strict Baptist. Now a Methodist Christian, he is a biker and franchise entrepreneur. Abel has big dreams for a self-designed mansion and equestrian/dairy estate and is a multi-talented handyman, horseman, farmer, gardener, mechanic, cook, lover, and dreamer! His interests include martial arts, cooking, classic Chevrolet automobiles, automotive customizing and restoration, off-roading in his '85 Toyota 4x4, carving up the curves in his custom silver '96 Chevy Camaro, recording or playing his guitars, listening to music, spending time with women or entertaining guests, epics and classic poetry such as that of e.e. cummings, and Italy. After retirement, he plans to open an Italian family restaurant and travel the globe. He is currently recording and working towards a degree in law, with an associates degree in business administration.

Adrienne Lee's Works:

currently writing a fiction novel- 'Summitville', which is based on actual characters and events surrounding the community in which Adrienne Lee was raised.

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