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Adryan Rotica Poems

361. Life Insurance 2/10/2005
362. Red Wine 10/23/2004
363. Lost In Space 10/10/2004
364. Dream Home 10/6/2004
365. Sunday's Child 11/27/2004
366. The Wizard Of Oz! 7/21/2005
367. Shaved Bohemians 8/16/2005
368. Living An Agenda 7/10/2005
369. Incense 7/1/2005
370. Au·ric·u·lar Archaeologist 6/4/2005
371. 2 The Sun 8/18/2011
372. An Irish Tale 3/27/2011
373. Irony 1/14/2005
374. It Goes Off 5/20/2006
375. Shipwrecked 3/30/2006
376. You Probably 1/1/2006
377. Who? 1/21/2006
378. Born 1959 1/22/2006
379. I Don' T Know 12/6/2005
380. Hungry Ghosts 12/10/2004
381. Cock A Roach 3/15/2005
382. As A Butterfly 3/8/2006
383. Time Heals - 2/1/2006
384. Sylvester R.I.P. 12/30/2004
385. The Sum Of Our Part 12/31/2004
386. Epiphanies 10/22/2004
387. From The Bone 4/14/2006
388. Under Beautiful Water 6/8/2006
389. Dead Poet Society 10/5/2004
390. The Door 11/21/2004
391. Participation Mystique 1/27/2005
392. Shoot You 3/3/2005
393. Fish Out Of Water 7/28/2005
394. Goodbye's Aren'T Easy 12/30/2005
395. Sensitivity Is The Key 1/8/2006
396. A Gleam Of Silent Bliss 5/4/2010
397. Wet Worship 9/8/2007
398. A Song For You 9/4/2010
399. Team Spirit 7/12/2006
400. Hooked On Wisdom 10/1/2004

Comments about Adryan Rotica

  • Theodora Onken (9/15/2005 12:43:00 AM)

    Great stuff as usuaual! You don't seem to be writing as much as you once did. Hope that it is not the dreaded writer block...I love your work!
    Theodora Onken

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  • earyt etr (6/2/2005 5:12:00 PM)

    I would like to thank you, Addrienne, for writing here. I have learned new things from your poetry. I am deeply amazed at the depth of your poetry, and even now am striving to acheive it with my own poetry. I have but one question, at least one answerable one, anyway. How do you get the Copyright on your poems? I would like to know, if you will please message me. Thank you! !

  • Amberlee Carter (3/25/2005 1:28:00 PM)

    Adrienne Barnathan writes poetry as it should be, raw, charged and packed with imagery to move the human heart.
    By far one of the best poets on Poem Hunter.

  • Darrell Rohling (11/27/2004 9:14:00 PM)

    I just read three of your poems for the first time. Very cool! I felt nostalgia rise in me as I did, in the simple sublimity of the images you create. I look forward to reading more...thanks.


  • Lenchen Elf (11/27/2004 7:44:00 PM)

    Hello Adrienne
    I've just come to explore your work, I love the diversity and expressiveness, very enjoyable indeed.
    all the best

  • Robert Rorabeck (11/17/2004 8:20:00 PM)


    I just read close to 40 of your poems- i loved many of them and left a lot of comments- i really appreciate your comments on my own stuff- its pretty cool to have someone living in australia read your stuff. Your poems are great- many created new images and senses for me, which is the very most i can get from poetry. i hope you keep writing madly.


Best Poem of Adryan Rotica

* David

Your name still echoes
in stars-
gems, cool against
inky blackness
where space looks at earth
and earth peers back at me
inside your binary planets
blue as frost, melting me
to an overture of mossy sodden
stones, drenched
in tune to our winter stream
while hickory breaths
steal away our silence
filling lungs deep into
our hearts
merging warmth
as we break our
stony crosses
and love so wholly
in the freshness of
our youth.

(For D.H., Wilkinsonville, Mass.; ''Qualm'')

Copyright ©2004

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in a way that is brilliant!

In its purest form-
Poetry is indeed universal

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