Aeronius D. McCoy

Rookie - 379 Points [Sandy Anderson, Pavel Doukhoborovic, Gio de Boa Sorte, Henry Doss, Samson Philistrine, Borbo Nocturne, Sonny Danketz, Aero Sonrisa] (December of '83, Year of the Swatch™ / aboard the flying gunship Reagan)

Biography of Aeronius D. McCoy

Lived most of my life in the Mid-Atlantic (PA and VA) . I enjoy a competitive game of chess. My favorite writers are Dostoevsky, David Foster Wallace, Kundera, Joyce, Carver, Atwood, and Julian Barnes, to name a few. Regarding film: Kubrick and Tarkovsky. Roy Andersson, Bunuel, P.T. Anderson, and Bergman too. From Fellini's 8 1/2 to Spike Lee joints to Jarmusch's vignettes.

It seems the world is moving to a sadder and sadder fate but I believe that it's for us to choose our subjective positions, without relinquishing our minds to a cultural decay that warps and destroys any true meaning.

I majored in history as an undergrad but now find the master narratives that constitute the field depressing. Favorite philosophers include: Kierkegaard, Sartre, Jesus Christ, Jean Baudrillard, Plato, Locke, Emerson, Gautama Buddha, and Nietzsche- a mixed bag, for sure.

I'm formally trained in fiction and screenwriting but have yet to produce anything of value in these mediums, the fact of which haunts me and keeps my fingers steadily spidering keys. I have a horrible ear for poetry but am trying to learn and feel it out.

My favorite poets include Ondaatje, Hart Crane, Arseniy Tarkovsky, Wallace Stevens, Frost, Whitman, Angelou, Ginsberg, Eliot, Pound, Blake, and Gibran.

Something personal, probably TMI:
I was a surprise/mistake and am only in this world because my mom had a nightmare the week before her scheduled abortion. She risked her health and life to have me. So, this Janus-faced existence, both blessing and curse, is mine. I try to think for myself and understand the most basic question of fiction: what does it mean to be human? A question worthy of a lifetime's investigation, I think.

I've worked many jobs: film projectionist during and after college; avionics software tester/engineer, which took me to Buenos Aires for a bit; cabdriver (I like to call this 'cabbiteer'): pest exterminator; home renovator. I work jobs that afford me the time to write but more and more I realize life will be difficult without a 'career' on my CV/resume. So it goes. Sacrifices are necessary and embraced. Updates

Longbow, Lowtide

Longbow, lowtide
Lone archer among
The rolling dunes and sand,
His quiver unstrung,
To reach without seeing
Hawk feathers cherished around
The arrow's nock to guide hollow

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