Afferbeck Lauder

Biography of Afferbeck Lauder

Afferbeck Lauder was the pseudonym used by Alastair Ardoch Morrison, born in Melbourne (21 September 1911-15 March 1998), an Australian graphic artist and author who in the 1960s documented Strine in the song With Air Chew and a series of books beginning with Let Stalk Strine (Ure Smith, Sydney, Australia, 1965). Morrison illustrated the books and also used the pseudonym Al Terego.

Let Stalk Strine was followed by Nose Tone Unturned (1967), Fraffly Well Spoken (1968), and Fraffly Suite (1969). The first two presented Australian written phonetically to appear as another language, the next two lampooned the clipped, almost strangled variety of upper-class English speech in the same way. Updates

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