Affiah Odhiambo

Freshman - 680 Points (Kenya)

Biography of Affiah Odhiambo

I'm an African poet with an ever fresh drive to be a conscious presence in this space, and a valuable voice of our time, through this cherished gift of writing.

In Poetry I come alive filled with a yearning to
reward my thoughts, my feelings, my understanding and my relevance with the gift of eternity wrapped in creative simplicity, and delivered by an army of alive emotions; confirming the presence of Divinity in humanity.

By you experiencing my pieces I‘m one with this desire, and for that I give thanks. A million bows for exploring my work. Updates

Hesitate, Part 2

As society dictates
What you can and cannot do,
What you should and should not have,
Who you should and should not be,
Realize you are your own gravity,
Your rise, your fall answers only to your call.
Cling onto your true self-worth,
uncover the sea of possibilities meandering within you,

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