Afzal Juneja

Freshman - 830 Points [gr8_Adakron] (18/12/1994 / Mumbai)

Afzal Juneja Poems

1. Your Hazel Eyes 8/25/2015
2. When Old Pals Laugh 8/25/2015
3. Sitting In Front Of This Fiery Shore 8/29/2015
4. Theres A World Inside Me. 9/12/2015
5. Through My Eyes(Reality) 9/12/2015
6. Her. 11/7/2015
7. I (My Vision, My Way) 11/7/2015
8. What Lies On The Other Side? 4/21/2017
9. Music Of Dark. 5/22/2017
10. Drowning Sand. 6/19/2017
11. A Path Through The Woods 6/20/2017
12. Blanket Of Silence. 7/2/2017
13. An Enormous Grey Sea 4/25/2016
14. As He Closed His Eyes. 3/17/2017
15. Reason 7/6/2017
16. A Ninja In My Dream. 7/11/2017
17. A Lady And The Whispers -new- 9/16/2017
18. Sewing Machine 7/18/2017
19. Red Dress. 7/3/2017
20. I Am The Only Loner 8/25/2015
21. I Wonder.. 2/3/2016
22. Hold My Hands 9/22/2015
23. Time Couplet 4/6/2017
24. An Adorable Flame 11/19/2015
Best Poem of Afzal Juneja

An Adorable Flame

I see you in my dreams,
I see you in my book,
Ohh my,
I can feel you, in every single look.
The day we first met,
Since then, your thoughts are ruthlessly riding my head,
And I know, I am in mess,
But, i feels so great.
Is it insane?
Or is it mundane?
Because theres something burning inside my heart,
And it's wildly reflecting on my brain.
God, this feeling is really hard to explain,
But I call it as,
An adorable flame.

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I Am The Only Loner

That day, i wanted a shoulder to wail like never before.
Then, i realize that I am the only loner on that rainy shore.

That day, my dreams were fading out with the brutality of rain.
that's when i desperately needed someone besideme to say, 'dear, give me all of your pain'.

That day, i truly wanted to perish my own existence.
Then, i really understood why do they say ''Love is a life's essence''.

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