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“On his birth a creation was born.
An inspiration that stems from his soul.
Destined to write,
sweet words of the creative”
(Katherine MacDonald)

Well, the world is certainly becoming a smaller place. I'm a small town girl from Newfoundland, Canada. The population of my home town is about five thousand people. Up to this point, I've never really had any travel experience, nor have I published any of my poetry. But through a website called '' I was introduced to a renown Afghani writer named Afzal Shauq. As we both have poetry posted on this page, he had taken the time to comment on some of my work. To return the favor, (out of sheer politeness) I decided to visit his page as well. To my surprise, I discovered the works of a passionate man, a caring man, a great man. Although we have different styles of writing, our ideals are very much the same. Over time, we developed a friendship. We wrote back and forth to each other, commenting on one an others work. I was so impressed with his writing, and he so impressed with mine, that we decided to work on this project together, with the goal of emitting our ideas to the rest of the world....

Even as a young child, Afzal Shauq knew what he wanted to be. When the regional commissioner of his area asked about his ambitions, Afzal Shauq replied...

'I want to be a great man'.

Not even really knowing the true meaning of 'greatness', an overwhelming feeling came over him that day. It was from then on he felt ignited to pursue the energy that he felt inside. That day the commissioner said to him..

'good luck son'.

There were many paths Afzal Shauq could have chosen, such as engineering, or the field of medicine. His parents and teachers tried to steer him down that path, all the while, he felt restricted. There was too much energy bursting inside him. Feeling frustrated and confused by their ideas of what he should be, he continued to work towards what he really wanted in life.

It was in 1969, as a young adolescent Afzal's only way to connect with the world was through a newspaper, and a radio. His interest in the rest of the world, religion, color and geography had become an obsession. He wanted to learn as much as he could through international channels and articles. If the paper wasn't delivered at his door, he had to rely on textbooks which, to his dismay, had outgrown with time.

Afzal earned several Laurels for his soccer team at the Degree College Lora Lai. It was a great passion of his, and often exhausted himself as Captain of the team.

It was around this time when Afzal Shauq discovered his passion for poetry. To his sheer luck, he had an acquaintance of Prof. Rab Nawaz Mail, who was a teacher and a renown poet of Pashto (Afghani Language) and Urdu. The Professor recognized Afzal's talents and gave to him his guidance. In August of 1975, Afzal wrote his first Pashto poem (what he calls ghazal) . Upon reading it Prof. Rab Nawaz Mail encouraged him to write in free verse. It would be a much better way of conveying his message to the outside world.
Much of Afzal's success comes from the Professors early guidance. He started attending Literary recitation gatherings, usually organized by talented poet Saeed Gohar, romantic poet Syed Kher Muhammad Arif and short story writer, Haji Mirza Khan Pechi. It was there he met Sohail Jaffar and Mehmood Ayaz, who he quickly became friends with. Together they poured over ideas to write about. As he poured his heart out on the paper, he was discovering his unconscious mind, a world of dreams and found their an image of his ideal. He desperately tried to find that ideal image in reality around him but remained unsuccessful. As a poet, he was rising and winning but in his search, he was continuously defeated; always left wondering...
'Shall I ever behold the face of my ideal? '
He read faces around him, he could even read the veiled emotions behind those faces, he searched, questioned, wondered... but his ideal face eluded.
In 1986-87 the first book of Afzal Shauq had been published. Written in Afghan language of Pashto, the book was titled 'Shladaley Amail'. At the same time he was also doing a program by the name of a 'Amail' from Quetta Radio Station Pakistan as anchor and script writer. The program was very popular and had a huge audience. The Radio Program was directed by a very successful broadcaster Agha Muhammad Kasi.
'Shladaley Amail'(Broken necklace) brought Afzal his real first taste of success. He became the poet of realities, adding innovating ideas. Even still, his soul felt unquenched. He had to over come racial and geographic boundaries. And a tempting question passed through his mind often...
'What are the factors and elements that divide, anatomically alike humans into groups, nations and sects? '
In 1992 he officially toured Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand and availed himself of the opportunity to closely observe the societies other than his.
Travel then became a new passion of his. Traveling different countries he observed and recorded his different experiences from East to West and North to South. He tried discovering factors that parted the Eastern way of life and the Westerns code of living; differ whites from the colored. He has question in mind that…
“ Why it’s commonly said that the west is best and the east is beast? ”
He determined to find the mystery of the division of humanity into the first, second and third world countries. As a result of the devious behavior of the west, a travel log was published under the name of 'Aowa Gama Mazal' (Seven Steps Journey) in 1996. The literary critics then knew him as a post modernist travelogue writer.
Afzal scheduled traveling to three or four countries each year.1996 brought was a very memorable and rewarding opportunity of road travel with dozens of international tourists. He was fortunate enough to observe from very close quarters the culture and the social system of fourteen European countries, England, Wales, Scotland, France, Belgium, Holland (The Netherlands) , Germany, Monaco, Liechstenstien, Switzerland, , Austria, Italy, San Marino and Spain.
Through his travels he had mind-expanding experience, living with people from different parts of the world, getting to know their ways and behavior. He came to understand the gaps between the western world and his own part of the world. He was neither a politician nor a polemist devising slogans and harangues. In his efforts to bridge those gaps, he could only use his creative energies as a poet, transforming his ideas, messages and hopes in poems and verses, with a heartfelt desire that his words touch the millions of hearts around the globe and bring them together. He kept writing poems with a wish that my ideas become harbinger of a new dawn, a color of peace, a hue of love.
He wondered what can make men aware of their predicament and incite them to work towards the perfection of humanity; in complete harmony with natural laws of mutual tolerance, peace and love.
In 1997 during a travel to Cairo Egypt, Afzal met the love of his life. There he met the ravishing and immensely talented Dr. Ouahiba Sakani. Impressed with her beauty and intelligence, he was head over heels in love with her. And for once he felt that the eluding face of his ideal had at last taken a shape of her person. That was when he felt completed. That all that he had accomplished had come down to this.
Through his experiences with his love life, a new novel was born 'Paroni Makhuna' (The faces of yesterday) that was published in 2006. The English translation of which will soon be available. He translated the novel into easy English by himself, while Prof. Ernanie-I-Pepito of the Philippines has been working at the improvement of the manuscript. Since 2006 the project is receiving final touches by Alley Boling.
In 2003, another book of poetry emerged, named ' Pa Latun Sta Da Sarey' (In Search of your face) . This book is a collection of thoughts from travel experiences, true love, the desire to create a fair humanity and more. His pain is poured onto the pages, as he writes about civilization, and the betterment of fellowman. With the publishing of book the literary critics has started calling him, Traveler-poet... Selani.
Two more travelogues were published in 2004 and 2005, revealing experiences from Europe. 'Mazal Pa Wauro Bandi' (Journey on the snow) and ' Da Lmer Da Kalli Pa Lor' (Towards the town of sun rise) were the names of the books. They were actually a sociological study of European life, rather then a narration of simple travel experiences. His search, ventures and probe, all lead him to the conclusion that man has revolutionized himself, since his creation but only in a negative way. Where the denizens of the modern world have progressed much outwardly; they have been gradually deteriorating inwardly, reducing themselves to the brutality of animals. Behind the sophisticated face of civilization, lies a corrupted soul with the ugliest of potentials.
Like much of the world, Afzal was flabbergasted by the 9/11 incident. But in his state of frustration and mental hysteria, he was comforted by the presence of another lover of humanity. He had met an American friend, Alice Alley Ann Muhaphay... Alley Boling. She was impressed with his literary approach, innovative ideas and creative skills, and took up translating his poetry into English. She urged the need of bringing out the ideas of universal concern in a language understood by the most around the globe. A voice rising from the east could now be heard by the West.
At the first stage of the process he translated his poems into simple English himself. Then Dr. Ouahiba Sakani Afzal revised them. Famous freelance Romanian writer Ms. Andreea Sarcani shared her part in composing and compilation. In the last steps the manuscript was finalized by Alley Boling and translation of his poetry in American English was published in 2006, under the title of 'Twist of Fates'. The book is now available around the world in print and can be found on international sites including....
and readers can also get the book TWIST OF FATES translated by Alley Boling with direct link as…
http: // option=com_content&task=view&id=378&Itemid=1
All his poems added to TWIST OF FATES and some more new available in the international sites below too and readers can have approach to read his poems free.. / /

Because of Afzal Shauq's effort to project his ideas to one and all of the world, he is now recognized as a global poet. The response to his work has become overwhelming, and beyond any expectation. He now realizes the true meaning of 'greatness'. It isn't the recognition or the fame, it his creation of ideas, knowing a fellow man's mind, and being remembered in the next generation to come.
“How an Afghan/Pashto poet of third world became a poet of globe? ”
Maybe this question will raise different points in the readers of the poetry world but non of a single individual will ever negate the peace willing dreams of Afzal Shauq as his main factor being a successful poet. Yeah… I being his poetry friend may generalize with proud that the “love based peace” has much strength then any other basics of life even and no doubt, my friend Afzal Shauq is capturing the hearts of readers around the world being a well known poet of peace. Let me add for him at the end from the core of my heart that,
Dear Afzal Shauq..! ! you are truly right to say…
“ a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with”
and sure you won the war I think.

Katherine MacDonald
Newfoundland CANADA.

Written By: ' Katherine MacDonald. Canada


‘Wie ich Afzal Shauq kennen gelernt habe’ / Nina Babon, Germany.

Ich bin eine alleinerziehende Mutter in den Dreißigern und komme aus Deutschland, ich unterrichte Deutsch als Fremdsprache - und ich schreibe gelegentlich Gedichte, sowohl auf Deutsch als auch auf Englisch.

Ich habe Afzal Shauq durch einen talentierten jungen Dichter aus Pakistan, Anwar Wafi Hayat, kennen gelernt, mit dem ich mich in einem internationalen Online-Gedichteworkshop angefreundet hatte. Wafi zitierte oft aus Afzal Shauqs Werk, und ich war fasziniert von der Tiefe und der Energie, die aus diesen einzelnen Zeilen sprach. Als Wafi Shauqs Gedicht 'Smile' (Lächeln) ins Englische übersetzte, bot ich spontan an, es ins Deutsche zu übersetzen, da ich fand, dass seine Botschaft, die man paraphrasieren könnte als Wozu brauchen wir Gewehre, wenn wir nur ein Lächeln brauchen um die Herzen der Menschen zu gewinnen? , eine wirklich wichtige war.

Nun habe ich damit begonnen, mehr von Afzal Shauqs Gedichten ins Deutsche zu übersetzen und auch seine literarische Lebensgeschichte, die Katherine MacDonald aus Kanada aufgeschrieben hat, übersetzt.

Sein Leben verlief nicht immer geradlinig, er machte Zeiten des Zweifels und des Verzweifelns mit, ehe er seine Bestimmung zum Autor entdeckte. Sein Werk wird von seinen vielen Reisen beeinflusst, die er unternahm, da er von einem unstillbaren Durst danach, etwas über andere Kulturen zu lernen, getrieben wurde. Besonders interessierte ihn, was die westliche Welt von der östlichen trennt und warum die Menschen im Westen sich den sogenannten Dritte-Welt-Ländern so überlegen fühlen.

Ich glaube, er war sehr überrascht, als er herausfand, dass wir im Westen die Dinge nicht etwa besser, sondern schlicht anders machen.

Von dem Moment dieser Entdeckung an spürte er einen überwältigenden Drang, sie mit dem Rest der Welt zu teilen und begann deshalb, seine Reisetagebücher zu schreiben, in der Hoffnung, er könne die Augen seiner Leser öffnen.

Von da an schrieb er auch in seinen Gedichten von seiner Überzeugung, dass wir alle miteinander verwandt sind, wie entfernt und entfremdet auch immer, und deshalb versuchen sollten, einander zu verstehen anstatt unsere Verschiedenheit zu fürchten. Seht wie ähnlich ihr euch seid, würde er sagen, und die Unterschiede, die euch trennen, wie Erziehung, Kultur oder Religion, werden weniger wichtig scheinen als eure Gemeinsamkeiten. ('Wenn die Abgründe zwischen den Herzen mit Liebe überbrückt werden', aus seinem Gedicht 'Friedensformel')
Das ist etwas, das ich bei meiner Arbeit mit Migranten aus aller Welt ebenfalls erfahren habe: Meist haben sie die gleichen Sorgen, die auch ich habe, die Zukunft ihrer Kinder betreffend, deren Bildungs- und Berufschancen, und sie wünschen sich, dass ihre Söhne niemals Gewehre tragen werden müssen, niemals in einem Krieg töten müssen oder getötet werden, ganz so, wie ich es mir für meinen Sohn wünsche.

Afzal Shauqs Gedichte sind in einem faszinierenden Stil scheinbarer Einfachheit geschrieben, man findet dort kein überflüssiges Wort, und seine Botschaft, dass wir alle Brüder und Schwestern sind und danach streben sollten, auf diesem Planeten friedlich mit- und nebeneinander zu leben, klingt wie ein widerhallendes Echo durch all seine Werke hindurch.

Nina Babon



Înainte de primirea invitaţ iei domnului Afzal Shauq de-a scrie un articol despre poezia Domniei Sale, trebuie să recunosc faptul că ş tiam doar că este un poet valoros ş i deosebit de norocos care tră ieş te fericit ală turi de familia sa în Pakistan, ale că rui scrieri poetice le citeam cu suficient interes ş i, uneori, le comentam pe site-uri specializate în domeniul literar. Odată cu primirea acestei invitaţ ii, m-am aplecat cu toată seriozitatea lectorului avizat asupra textelor sale poetice, texte pe care le aveam la îndemână ori le primisem de la autor ş i, totodată , asupra fenomenului în centul că ruia se află autorul întrucât Afzal Shauq este mai mult decât poet ş i scriitor: este un om de cultură în adevă ratul sens al cuvântului.

După cum ş tim obiectivul unui articol este acela de a face o analiză critică pertinentă ş i de a pune în valoare opera unui scriitor aş a cum este Afzal Shauq în contextul unei scene literare mondiale actuale cu numeroase puncte „forte“, valoric vorbind, al operelor literare.

Încă de la o primă lectură a poeziei sale facem cunoş tinţ ă cu originea etnică ş i culturală a poetului. Această origine este un act fundamental în scrierea lui Afzal Shauq întrucât ea se află atât la baza istoriei personale cât ş i la cea a devenirii scrierii literare raportată la problematica abordă rii esenţ ialului în derularea actului creator.

Am spus mai sus că poetul despre care vorbim este unul deosebit de norocos aş a că , trebuie să demonstrez afirmaţ ia mea: celor ş ase că rţ i publicare de autor până în prezent („Shladely amail“, 1987- 88; „Aowa Gama Mazal“,1997; „Pa Latoon Sta De Sarey“, 2003; „Mazal Pa Wauru Bandi“, 2004; „Da Lmar Da Kali Pa lor“ 2005 ş i „Paoni Makhuna“, 2006) li s-au adă ugat traducerea în limba engleză a celor 333 de poezii sub titlul „Twist of Fates“ (2006) , acestă carte aflându-se în curs de apariţ ie ş i în traducere chineză . De asemenea, romanul „Paruni Makhuna“ în curând va fi publicat în USA sub titlul „Daughter of Pharaon“. Desigur, la notorietatea autorului au contribuit în mod decisiv traducerile în limbi de circulaţ ie internaţ ională .

Dar să revenim la actul poetic: scrierea lui Afzal Shauq izvoră ş te din forţ a vitală impresionantă a unei existenţ a profunde ş i, uneori, marcată atât de neliniş tile exterioare cât ş i de cele interioare, acestea încadrându-se temporal fie pe falii mai lungi, fie pe falii mai scurte de timp.

Poezia lui Afzal Shauq este una a realită ţ ii aflată sub spectrul speranţ ei. Poetul este un bun teoretician astfel, autorul ţ inând seama de norme ş i reflecţ ii estetice, reuş eş te să cuprindă o multitudine de semnificaţ ii care nu fac altceva decât să îmbogă ţ ească interpretarea textului poetic.

Ceea ce impresionează la acest autor este umanismul poeziei sale iar prin ş tiinţ a sa de a mânui cele două laturi, viaţ a ş i moartea, imaginile poetice pe care ni le oferă sunt acelea ale unui concret imediat. Trebuie menţ ionat că dragostea, natura ş i flacă ra pasiunii romantice ocupă un loc important în poezia lui Afzal Shauq. Fă ră a fi o persoană indiferentă la fenomenele sociale, poetul spune: , , Its me and you / who seek to quench / this thirst of hungry hearts / seeming the same in thoughts /respecting each other / Beloved.... /struggling like a man / when you look at me / I want to fight / for women rights / though I am a man “ (Love ends Differences) sau: „Mirror... / haunting my mind / dreams possess / revealing... /one face. // Every time / Its the same face / lifetime's face / reflection / not mine... // So I touch / over again / with great love... / now mind etched / that face... // Often asked / relationship / answerless / just a thought / that face... // It was fate / that on one day / mirror drops / and that face / shattered... // So I search / seeking that face / every girl / here's my heart… / cup begs. // But these girls / shards of that face / maybe the eyes... / perhaps a nose... / soft lips... / But the whole / the one I seek / that one face... / will forever “ (In Search of That Face) .

Dacă aruncă m o privire peste structura semantică a textului poetic în contextul referenţ ialită ţ ii ş i al comunică rii vom avea deja o viziune asupra potenţ ialului scriitoricesc al lui Afzal Shauq, de aceea sunt convinsă că Afzal Shauq este o figură reprezentativă a poeziei Orientului Mijlociu.

Niculina Oprea, Scriitor,
Bucureş ti, România.
2 august 2009,

Afzal Shauq's Works:

(Here is the summary of Afzal Shauq’s literary work and books to share with you …)
1- Shledalay Amail “Broken Necklace” (its first Pashto poetry book of Afzal Shauq's Poetry published in 1987and this book is available on line in the site
2- Aowa Gama Mazal “ Journey of Seven Steps”(Its first Pashto travelogue of Afzal Shauq and the Seven Asian Countries.. iran, turkey, sri lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and indonesia's journey is covered with interesting and amazing facts about the visited countries have been high lighted in this book.... available on line in site
3- Pe Latun Sta De Sehray “ In Search of Your Face” (it; s the second pashto poetry book of Afzal shauq published in 2003 and available in the internet site
4- Mazal Pe Wauro Bandi “ Travel On The Snow” (this is the second travelogue book of Afzal Shauq of Seven European countries he visited and high lighted interesting facts regarding england, france, switzerland, belgium, Germany, Liechstenstien and austria and published in 2004 and available in the site
5- De Lmar De Kali Pe Lor “Towards the village of Sun” (its the third travelogue covering the other different European seven countries e.i Italy, San Marino, Spain, scotland, Wales, Monaco and The netherland in it and published in 2005 and available in the net site
6- Paruni Makhuna “ Faces of Yesterday”(it’s the first novel By Afzal Shauq written into Pashto/Afghani based on true love story and published in 2006 and available in the site
7- Afzal..Afzal Shauq (its the book Haseena Gul written on the literary work of Afzal Sahuq and his ideas and themes covered in his poetry and this book is very famous and read by thousands of viewers and liked it... published in 2006 and available in
8- Twist Of Fates (its the english translation of Afzal Shauq's whole poetry done by great American Poetess Alley Boling and published in 2006 and available in different sites including in
9- Bridging The Gaps (its the book containing the articles of worldwide critics on the poetry of Afzal Shauq and article were compiled by the Poetess Nazish Zafar and published in 2008 and available in
10- Ming Yun De Zhuan Zhe (its the Chinese translation of Afzal Shauq's whole poetry done by a Chinese Poetess Liu Li of Benxi China and published it in 2008 and available in many chinese sites including
11-Afzal Shauq – Ek Taasur (it’s a Urdu book written by Prof.Rashid Kundi about the thoughtful poetry of Afzal Shauq and published in 2004 … available in
12- The Ambassador of Peace, (it’s a book written by famous American writer and poet Heather Wilkins on the peace based poetic thoughts and title him as the ambassador of peace and it’s available on the heather’s international internet sites done in 2009)
available in different folders of
13- Afzal Shauq, The Peace Wisher, it’s a book containing worldwide critiques and articles compiled by Canadian famous poetess Katherine MacDonald and under the printing process and soon be available all around the world’s book shops and internet.
For contact …
14- ‘Terror in the Effected Regions’, it’s a M.phil Thesis of Canadian writer and poet Kathy Bell who covered most of poetry of Afzal Shauq in it and declared him a new hope for peace in the effected regions, specially in Afghanistan.
For contact and

More to know about afzal shauq, just search his name and whole work will be there and available to go through free of I mention that one of his say is very famous these days in English, French, German, Arabic, Filipino, Bulgahrian and Chinese world... its.... A FRIENDLY SMILE IS THE BEST WEAPON OF WAR TO FIGHT WITH...... I being the peace wisher has also running the international forum named FARISHTA FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL ...its foundation of writers / poets and artists

“Peace Power”, The script of this book is almost ready for printing and any time it can be in market.. This book contains on the translation of my love, humanity based peace Pashto /Afghan poems which have translated into 22 international languages including English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Bulgarian, Montenegrin, Croation, Persian, Russian, Arabic, Urdu, Chinese, Filipino, Hindi, Dutch, portagues, Uzbaki, Greek, Spanish, Romanian, Norwegian, Trigna etc..

What makes me the citizen of world is my intention in worldwide peace and only peace..because I believe that it would be quite better if I am called the cousin of every one being a child of Adam’s family..and I am as… all the members of humankinds are….

Afzal Shauq, the Peace Wisher,

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A Great Wonder

What is human kind?
What is its value?
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The answers...
Often considered weak
Human kind
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