Afzal Shauq

Rookie (Somewhere in the world of dreams)

Afzal Shauq Poems

81. Ideal 5/9/2009
82. Idol Breaker 5/9/2009
83. Idol Preachers 5/9/2009
84. Image Of Hate 5/9/2009
85. Immobilization 5/9/2009
86. Impossible Of Seperation 5/9/2009
87. In Search Of Shade 5/9/2009
88. In Search Of That Face 5/9/2009
89. In Secret 5/9/2009
90. In The Mirror Of Tomorrow 5/9/2009
91. In The Name Of God 5/9/2009
92. In The Rhythm Of Mozart 5/9/2009
93. Incomplete Desire 5/9/2009
94. Innocent Lost 5/9/2009
95. Hypocricy 5/9/2009
96. I Am Not Alone 5/9/2009
97. Isn'T It A Global Tragedy? 5/9/2009
98. Justice Demand 5/9/2009
99. Justice Demand.... (A Different View Point) 5/9/2009
100. Ladies Of Red Soil (In Their Own Views) 5/9/2009
101. Law 5/9/2009
102. Life 5/9/2009
103. Life And Me 5/9/2009
104. Life Is Not Less Then Hell 5/9/2009
105. Life Or False Heaven...? 5/9/2009
106. Light And Dark 5/9/2009
107. Like Animals 5/9/2009
108. Like Wolves 5/9/2009
109. Listen Oh Friend....! ! 5/9/2009
110. Living Grave Yard 5/9/2009
111. Lonely Moments 5/9/2009
112. Long Journey 5/9/2009
113. Lord 5/9/2009
114. Loss Of The Ideal 5/9/2009
115. Lost Freedom 5/9/2009
116. Lost Passenger 5/9/2009
117. Love 5/9/2009
118. Love And Affection 5/9/2009
119. Love And Blood 5/9/2009
120. Love And Choice 5/9/2009

Comments about Afzal Shauq

  • Anjali Sinha (5/28/2009 3:51:00 AM)

    Afzal this is the kind of personality
    that I think you are

    A an all rounder

    F fathomless

    Z Zesty

    A Aphoric

    L Lively

    S Sensitive

    H historian

    A archaic

    U unique

    Q Qualitatiave

    God Bless You

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  • Merna Ibrahim (5/12/2009 12:35:00 PM)

    Your poems are inspiring and expressing, you have a good style in writing and it is evident that you write your poems from your heart.Your poems need to be estimated! ! Keep it up......wish you best of luck.

Best Poem of Afzal Shauq

A Little Princess--Breshna Kahn (Sweet Tiny Daughter Of Afzal Shauq) /Heather Wilkins

Having a new friend in our
To her, we extend our hand.

My family, is waiting, to see
you there
To place a flower, in your

Your house, number one, in
the row,
Surrounded by lots of mistletoe.

Decorated with candy kisses,
For a special little misses.

You'll meet Snow White,
Tinker Bell too,
They'll come out, and play,
with you.

You can join our fairy clan
Play in our family band.

Dance around our fairy ring,
Enjoy yourself, laugh and

Yarrow, will help you too,
Make sure your...

Read the full of A Little Princess--Breshna Kahn (Sweet Tiny Daughter Of Afzal Shauq) /Heather Wilkins

A Strange Justice

The one
who is supposed to
give me justice has
amazingly declared her heart
as a court,
she herself as a judge to hear,
her brain as a lawyer to plea,
herself witnesses to prove,
even then

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