Afzal Shauq

Rookie (Somewhere in the world of dreams)

Afzal Shauq Poems

201. Shauq: Kayla Robyn 5/9/2009
202. Sign Of Love 5/9/2009
203. Silent Love 5/9/2009
204. Sleeping Moments 5/9/2009
205. Sleeping Nation 5/9/2009
206. Spanish Eyes 5/9/2009
207. Sparks And Ashes 5/9/2009
208. Speechless 5/9/2009
209. Story Of A Dream 5/9/2009
210. Strange Globalization 5/9/2009
211. Submission Of Head 5/9/2009
212. Supersticious Confounded 5/9/2009
213. Tattoo Of Name 5/9/2009
214. Teach Me (A Poem For Afzal On His Birthday) : Nelson Iwejua 5/9/2009
215. Teeth In The Heart 5/9/2009
216. Play Of The Time 5/9/2009
217. Birthday Wish To Afzal Shauq: Misty Lackey 5/9/2009
218. Creation (Dedicated To Afzal Shauq) : Katherine Macdonald 5/9/2009
219. Happy Birthday (Few Words For Afzal Shauq) : Vilma Zaballero 5/9/2009
220. Happy Birthday (Written To My Good Friend Afzal Shauq) : Stephanie Philbeck 5/9/2009
221. Happy Birthday Afzal Shauq: ' Nick Anderson' 5/9/2009
222. The Companion Of Satan 5/9/2009
223. The Dead Body Will Follow 5/9/2009
224. The Dream 5/9/2009
225. The Earthquake Of Time 5/9/2009
226. The Face Of God 5/9/2009
227. The Faces Of Voice 5/9/2009
228. The Flame Of Forbidden Fires 5/9/2009
229. The Holly City's Fraud Life 5/9/2009
230. The Human Of 21st Century 5/9/2009
231. The Lost Ways 5/9/2009
232. The Mirror 5/9/2009
233. The Nature Of Humans 5/9/2009
234. The Night Memories 5/9/2009
235. The Only Way Of Detachment (Poem For Honey Sweet Dr. Ouasa) 5/9/2009
236. The Other Man 5/9/2009
237. The Power Of God 5/9/2009
238. The Promise Of Pharaoh 5/9/2009
239. The Rose 5/9/2009
240. The Struggle 5/9/2009

Comments about Afzal Shauq

  • Anjali Sinha (5/28/2009 3:51:00 AM)

    Afzal this is the kind of personality
    that I think you are

    A an all rounder

    F fathomless

    Z Zesty

    A Aphoric

    L Lively

    S Sensitive

    H historian

    A archaic

    U unique

    Q Qualitatiave

    God Bless You

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  • Merna Ibrahim (5/12/2009 12:35:00 PM)

    Your poems are inspiring and expressing, you have a good style in writing and it is evident that you write your poems from your heart.Your poems need to be estimated! ! Keep it up......wish you best of luck.

Best Poem of Afzal Shauq

A Little Princess--Breshna Kahn (Sweet Tiny Daughter Of Afzal Shauq) /Heather Wilkins

Having a new friend in our
To her, we extend our hand.

My family, is waiting, to see
you there
To place a flower, in your

Your house, number one, in
the row,
Surrounded by lots of mistletoe.

Decorated with candy kisses,
For a special little misses.

You'll meet Snow White,
Tinker Bell too,
They'll come out, and play,
with you.

You can join our fairy clan
Play in our family band.

Dance around our fairy ring,
Enjoy yourself, laugh and

Yarrow, will help you too,
Make sure your...

Read the full of A Little Princess--Breshna Kahn (Sweet Tiny Daughter Of Afzal Shauq) /Heather Wilkins

A Great Wonder

What is human kind?
What is its value?
What is its purpose?

The answers...
Often considered weak
Human kind
in acts of kindness
reveals God's greatness

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