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Afzal Shauq Poems

281. Weakness 5/9/2009
282. What Happened To You? 5/9/2009
283. What To Name..? (A True Afghan Story) 5/9/2009
284. What Will Be The Result...? 5/9/2009
285. When To End The Journey...? 5/9/2009
286. Whenever You Hug Me..... 5/9/2009
287. Whirl Wind 5/9/2009
288. Whistle 5/9/2009
289. White Flag..(A Sign Of Peace) 5/9/2009
290. War 5/9/2009
291. Who Could Sing Happy Songs? 5/9/2009
292. Wish For Peace, Conquer The War: Aden Recreated 5/9/2009
293. Words From The Eiffel Tower 5/9/2009
294. Why All This Brutality? ? 5/9/2009
295. Your Godliness Not Yet Revealed 5/9/2009
296. Going Where? (Inspired By Afzal Shauq's Poem.. 'The Lost Way'.) 5/15/2009
297. Dedication Peace Wisher Poet Afzal Shauq /Heather Wilkins 5/29/2009
298. Invitation Pending Dedicated To Afzal Shauq/Heather Wilkins 5/29/2009
299. The Re-Birth Of Shirin 8/31/2009
300. Tanvi Damle Wrote An Essay On My Work...Thanks Tanvi 1/24/2010
301. To Discover Myself 8/9/2010
302. Day-Dreams 8/9/2010
303. Illusive Dreams 8/9/2010
304. War For The Sake Of God (In Context With Afghan Civil War) 5/9/2009
305. To Michael Angelo 5/9/2009
306. The Light Of Day 5/9/2009
307. The Bride Of Peace 5/9/2009
308. Poet Traveler 5/9/2009
309. Self Desire 5/9/2009
310. Pharaoh As A False God 5/9/2009
311. One Hundred Faces 5/9/2009
312. Peace Power 5/9/2009
313. Me And The Universe 5/9/2009
314. Just For Survivl..(In Context With The U- Turn Of Humanity) 5/9/2009
315. Listen Friend...! ! ! 5/9/2009
316. Human Evolution 5/9/2009
317. Humanitarian 5/9/2009
318. Heavenly People Of Hell 5/9/2009
319. De-Globalization 5/9/2009
320. Brutal New Age 5/9/2009

Comments about Afzal Shauq

  • Anjali Sinha (5/28/2009 3:51:00 AM)

    Afzal this is the kind of personality
    that I think you are

    A an all rounder

    F fathomless

    Z Zesty

    A Aphoric

    L Lively

    S Sensitive

    H historian

    A archaic

    U unique

    Q Qualitatiave

    God Bless You

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  • Merna Ibrahim (5/12/2009 12:35:00 PM)

    Your poems are inspiring and expressing, you have a good style in writing and it is evident that you write your poems from your heart.Your poems need to be estimated! ! Keep it up......wish you best of luck.

Best Poem of Afzal Shauq

A Little Princess--Breshna Kahn (Sweet Tiny Daughter Of Afzal Shauq) /Heather Wilkins

Having a new friend in our
To her, we extend our hand.

My family, is waiting, to see
you there
To place a flower, in your

Your house, number one, in
the row,
Surrounded by lots of mistletoe.

Decorated with candy kisses,
For a special little misses.

You'll meet Snow White,
Tinker Bell too,
They'll come out, and play,
with you.

You can join our fairy clan
Play in our family band.

Dance around our fairy ring,
Enjoy yourself, laugh and

Yarrow, will help you too,
Make sure your...

Read the full of A Little Princess--Breshna Kahn (Sweet Tiny Daughter Of Afzal Shauq) /Heather Wilkins

A New Dawn

In years of cruelty past
there came a new dawn
the bright light burned
melting frozen hearts.

Come New Dawn...
break forth a bright new day.
Oh sun come...
part the long dark hair of night.

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