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Afzal Shauq Poems

321. Heart 5/9/2009
322. Hundreds Of Faces 5/9/2009
323. Oh Almighty God...! ! 5/9/2009
324. The Incident.. (The Assassination Of Dr. Najeeb) 5/9/2009
325. The Value Of Life Here 5/9/2009
326. Happy Birthday My Dear Friend Afzal Shauq: Breanna Shaylee 5/9/2009
327. Unannounced Love 5/9/2009
328. Love Thoughts 5/9/2009
329. Hoping Good Days 5/9/2009
330. Forgetting Someone 5/9/2009
331. Face For Sale 5/9/2009
332. Faces, Mirrors And Questions 5/9/2009
333. Gypsy Girls 5/9/2009
334. Hidden Sun 5/9/2009
335. Hidden Face 5/9/2009
336. How To Believe...? 5/9/2009
337. I...... You 5/9/2009
338. In The Name Of Dignity 5/9/2009
339. In A Night 5/9/2009
340. Cyclic Tiring Life 5/9/2009
341. Darken Houses Of Pashtoons 5/9/2009
342. Eternal Deal 5/9/2009
343. Different By Choice 5/9/2009
344. Broken Branches 5/9/2009
345. Awaking From The Night 5/8/2009
346. Justice 5/9/2009
347. The Voice 5/9/2009
348. Is This Love....? 5/9/2009
349. Birthday Message From Ruth Love Joy 5/9/2009
350. Happy Birthday My Best Friend: Stephanie Philbeck 5/9/2009
351. Words Of The Mirror..Not Mine 5/9/2009
352. White Houses 5/9/2009
353. Kindred Spirits 8/9/2010
354. Solicited Destination 8/9/2010
355. ‘wie Ich Afzal Shauq Kennen Gelernt Habe’ / Nina Babon, Germany. 10/3/2009
356. Wide Open Eyes 5/9/2009
357. You Believe It Or Not.....? 5/9/2009
358. Happy Birthday Afzal! ! By: Shana Wirtz 5/9/2009
359. Is It Love...You Think? ? 5/9/2009
360. Walking Dead 5/9/2009

Comments about Afzal Shauq

  • Anjali Sinha (5/28/2009 3:51:00 AM)

    Afzal this is the kind of personality
    that I think you are

    A an all rounder

    F fathomless

    Z Zesty

    A Aphoric

    L Lively

    S Sensitive

    H historian

    A archaic

    U unique

    Q Qualitatiave

    God Bless You

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    0 person did not like.
  • Merna Ibrahim (5/12/2009 12:35:00 PM)

    Your poems are inspiring and expressing, you have a good style in writing and it is evident that you write your poems from your heart.Your poems need to be estimated! ! Keep it up......wish you best of luck.

Best Poem of Afzal Shauq

A Little Princess--Breshna Kahn (Sweet Tiny Daughter Of Afzal Shauq) /Heather Wilkins

Having a new friend in our
To her, we extend our hand.

My family, is waiting, to see
you there
To place a flower, in your

Your house, number one, in
the row,
Surrounded by lots of mistletoe.

Decorated with candy kisses,
For a special little misses.

You'll meet Snow White,
Tinker Bell too,
They'll come out, and play,
with you.

You can join our fairy clan
Play in our family band.

Dance around our fairy ring,
Enjoy yourself, laugh and

Yarrow, will help you too,
Make sure your...

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A Symbol Of Pride

Oh Pisa tower
through the ages
miraculously standing
a symbol of pride
though condemnation threatens
And perhaps one day
you shall kiss the soil.

Majestic tower

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