Agata Konopka

Rookie (September 30,1988 / Poland)

Biography of Agata Konopka

I am a hopeless dreamer and romantic although the former is more obvious, as it is contained in many of my poems. My poems are mostly reflections of my life, the struggles of adolescence, as well as my desperate confusion as to my thoughts on Catholicism, which is a large part of Polish culture. They are all dedicated to my best friend who I will always miss and love although my life goes on. IF ever she happen to glance upon my words after years of sepereation, I hope they offer her some consolation. Updates


just breathe
every breath we take another gift
another moment for us to enjoy
another secret to be uncovered
inhale slowly, all a mother's tenderness
in your mothers arms nothing can go wrong
for her a thousand reasons to be strong

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