Agbola Oluseyi

Rookie (7th August,1992 / Nigeria)

Agbola Oluseyi Poems

1. Too Big To Miss 3/29/2011
2. Neither Dead Nor Alive 3/30/2011
3. One Less Thing 4/1/2011
4. To A Way Away! 4/6/2011
5. Friends In Need, Not Friends Indeed 4/6/2011
6. If The Bird Is Mine... 4/7/2011
7. I Dare You! 4/9/2011
8. The Music Of The Soul 4/19/2011
9. How I Wish 4/6/2011
10. Without My Eyes 5/17/2011
11. Time! 2/10/2011
12. A Way From The Roads 3/15/2011
13. The Stolen Air 3/23/2011
14. Arise? But I Have No Legs! 3/24/2011
15. No Mate To Mate 8/30/2011
16. I Have Built A Coffin 1/12/2012
17. Life In A Shoreless Sea 1/12/2012
18. From Now On 10/1/2012
19. Bit By Bit 10/1/2012
20. I See By Night 8/15/2011
21. The Man's Mandate 3/25/2011
Best Poem of Agbola Oluseyi

The Man's Mandate

Make a mark and mark the man,
The He elected of every of his kind,
To him give an auction to function,
A sea of oversee to see over others,
And see if the mankind will be a kind man.

Now mark the man with the mark,
For this is the mandate of the man-
This stair on which you are is a snare!
Any deed of misdid you escuse will accuse you
And so it is with you and all on any ladder.

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Too Big To Miss

The six cubit man despise our army
He indeed is a man of the men
A huge challenger of our firm historical heritage
Really too big for everyone
But viewed differently by us all
Too big to support by his men
His nation found him too big to doubt
Too big to challenge by our king
Our men felt he is too big to hit

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