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Agus R. Sarjono

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Agus R. Sarjono (born 27 July 1962 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia) is an Indonesian poet and author.[1] In 1988, he graduated from Department of Indonesian Literature of IKIP Bandung, and then finished his postgraduate program in Universitas Indonesia at the faculty of literature and cultural studies in 2002.

He writes poems, short stories, essays, critics, and drama, which have been published in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and several journals in Germany, France, Netherlands, England, and the United States. His poems are included in more than twenty anthologies.

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Reader's Letter

Dear editors,
allow me to make some complaints
and a small suggestion. That crane
on the river bank has been standing there alone
for nine consecutive nights,
that the frogs and the fish feel reluctant to mate,
whereas the moon is shining so beautifully.

While nine handwaves ago,