Ahamad Ilyaas Vilayathullah

Ahamad Ilyaas Vilayathullah Poems

1. My Poetics 1/22/2013
2. I Beckon You, My Friend 1/22/2013
3. How About You? 1/22/2013
4. The Trust And The Task 1/22/2013
5. The Rock 1/22/2013
6. The Drizzle And The Downpour 1/22/2013
7. Through The Eyes Of My Son 1/22/2013
8. Sheikh Abdunnasir Maedany 1/22/2013
9. Come Guys, Let's Sing 1/22/2013
10. Let Me Slumber Awhile 1/22/2013
11. Basra Awaits A Musa 1/22/2013
12. At The Estuary 1/22/2013
13. The Opener Of Hearts 1/22/2013
14. A Midsummer Night's Dream Aborted Or The Birth Of A University 1/22/2013
15. What Am I? 1/22/2013
16. The Arabian Moon And The Indian King 1/22/2013
17. The Rain That Befell 1/22/2013
18. The Cave 1/22/2013
19. Mustafa Muhammad 1/22/2013
20. Ode To Eleri 6/7/2014
21. The Colour Of Evening 6/7/2014
22. My Ramdan, My Repentance 7/30/2014

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I Beckon You, My Friend

I beckon you, my friend,
To open your eyes,
And see everything around,
The diverse everything,
The sky, the mountains.
The oceans, the rivers, the streams,
Your image in the mirror,
And your shadow beside you,
A sunny afternoon.

I beckon you, my friend,
To prick your ears,
And hear all the sounds
That reach your ears
From all around,
The wind, the thunder,
The songbirds, the cascade,
The breeze, the little drops of rain,
That rattle on the rooftop.

Do all these happen
With none beyond
To plan and command?

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The Rock

Every time I see the hardest kind of rocks,
I am reminded of the heart of a Jew
Who rebelled and transgressed, and flung to the skies
The manna and the salwa of divine grace
And asked Musa to pray his lord
For herbs, cucumbers, garlic, lentils, onions,
And all other paltry leafy shrubs.

The rock Musa struck with his miraculous wand

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