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sdvsvds 27 January 2020

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Khadija Z. 29 January 2018

Mashaallah, Beautiful poems. May you be blessed always, Ameen

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 27 October 2009

most of the time sir shiqqi is really a great writer. One of the best!

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p.a. noushad 12 August 2009

lovable and tender your writings are

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Kuji Soliman 10 July 2009

I love his poems because they come from his heart, weather he talks about love, sports, anything...he just puts both his heart and his mind...and that is the greatest thing a poet could have! and he is also unique because he adds his personal style in his poems, , , and the words speak for themselves, they reveal his personality...

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Omar Ibrahim 27 May 2009

actually, i like his poems the most.........i am honest.......he has a special way of writing....in addition, he is well educated.and i like this kind of people.......

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Jerome Brooke 16 January 2009

Good use of stanzas - very good work

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I would like to thankyou for your wonderful poetry-you write about many things and I can see your world through your poetry.Keep writing-you are truely wonderful.Namaste.

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Cheung Shun Sang 25 October 2008

i could not find your mentioned minature pleasure and zesty as your post. Why

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Khoirun Niam 30 August 2008

gutnait, what part of semarang you live in?

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Vida Nenadic 19 August 2008

Bee Bee can sting, too. My answer to your question. With Regards Vida

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