Ahmed Elbadri

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Ahmed Elbadri Poems

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24. Am I Alone 10/22/2013
25. Disease 10/22/2013
26. My Angel 6/23/2012
27. A Crush 6/23/2012
Best Poem of Ahmed Elbadri

A Crush

When I wake up in the morning;
my heart starts to race,
I get goose bumps because I'm so nervous,
I start to panic.

And this is just to see my if I have a text from her

When I go to school;
I am excited,
I am anxious,
I am full of joy.

And this is just to see if I can see her in the hallways, as I am going to class

When I am in class;
I ignore the teacher,
I daydream about the upcoming weekend with her.

And all this because I haven't talked to her

You would drive me bananas
You would complete me
You would be the ...

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A Friend

What is a friend?
-A member of the same Nation, Party, etc.
-A person who is on good term with another.
-A person who gives assistance.
-A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

But the best friend are unique
Best friends have a connection with one of another
A connection that is similar to twins

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