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41. Follow Your Dream 12/10/2008
42. Love Dream 12/10/2008
43. Handsome And Strong 12/10/2008
44. Creation 12/11/2008
45. Don'T Let Her To Move 12/12/2008
46. Red Flower 12/12/2008
47. Generation Love 12/12/2008
48. Forget Me 12/12/2008
49. You Posses In You 12/12/2008
50. For Once In My Life 12/12/2008
51. I Can'T Imagine 12/12/2008
52. If 12/27/2008
53. I Could Fil 12/27/2008
54. All Round Us 12/27/2008
55. Love Is Like A Cloud 12/27/2008
56. God's Answer 12/8/2008
57. Word Leave Photos For Dead 12/9/2008
58. For Millions Of Years 12/9/2008
59. Chrismas 12/9/2008
60. Should Beauty Turn To Dust 12/9/2008
61. Those Who Are Easily Flattered Areoften Fooled 1/13/2009
62. My Heart Crying 1/30/2009
63. Friend Ship Love Forever 1/31/2009
64. The Beautiful Word Is Allah, 1/31/2009
65. From Kisses 1/31/2009
66. Oh Mother 1/31/2009
67. True Color 1/31/2009
68. Do You Know Why It's Like That 1/31/2009
69. Fear Of Love 2/2/2009
70. The Gentle World 3/2/2009
71. Special World 3/2/2009
72. An Extrapment 3/2/2009
73. Every Day 1/8/2009
74. Touch On My Hand 1/8/2009
75. The Fox And Grapes 1/13/2009
76. Love Is 3/2/2009
77. When Am With You 3/2/2009
78. The Meaning Of Love 3/2/2009
79. That Is About You My Friend 5/8/2009
80. I Have Someting For You 12/27/2008

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Meeting You Was Fate

Meeting you was fate,
becoming your friend was choice,
but falling in love with you was completely out of my control.
God created men first,
coz you always make
a rough draft before a masterpiece.
You are the light in a dark room
and I am the moth who can't resist it.
Explaining how much I love you
is like explaining how water tastes.
I don't want to be your whole world....
just your favorite part!
Love me today because tomorrow may be too late.
Meeting you has been delightfully refreshing!
I thought of something wonderful today.... You!

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I Wish I Was

i wish i was a doctor
i could handle love like a sick person
i wish i was a mother
i could handle love like a baby
i wish i was a waiter
i could serve love with the best dishes
i wish i was nurse
i could nurse love well
i wish i was a soldier

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