Ahmet Yalcinkaya

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Biography of Ahmet Yalcinkaya

Ahmet Yalcinkaya poet

Was born in December 1963 in Giresun, Turkey. Finished High School in Germany and completed his Secondary Education in Istanbul (1981) . Has got BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Bogazici University (1987) , MSc in Robotics from Istanbul Technical University (1991) , AA in Management from Anadolu University (2000) . Has taught Mathematical Modelling at Namangan Engineering Pedagogical Institute in Uzbekistan. He works nowadays as technical manager in Uzbekistan.
His poems, essays, letters, interviews, poetry translations and other translations have been published by newspapers and journals like Zaman, Al-Ahram Weekly, Vahdet, Impact, Tanitim, Avaz, Harman, Das Licht, Kardelen, Mavera, Yosh Kuch, Pop Tongi, Kiragi, Endulus and others in Turkey, Germany, England, Egypt and Uzbekistan. Has been awarded with several prizes. Has represented Kiragi Poetry Journal in Istanbul (1995-97) . Has taken part in the editorial board of the literary journal Endulus (1997-98) .
His published literary books are
* Daglarda Yer Yok (Poems,1997, ``There is not any place in the mountains``)
* Yetim Kalan Siirler (Poems,2001, ``Orphan Poems``)
* Yuragimning ko`z yoshi (Selected Poems,2001, in Uzbek, ``Tears of my Heart``)
Books which are to be published soon
* Sanci ve Umit (Essays and Articles,2005, ``Ache and Hope``)
* Askla Huzun Arasi (Poems,2005, ``Between Love and Sorrow``)
* 20-Asr O`zbek She`riyati Antologiyasi (Poetry Anthology,2005, in Uzbek, ``Anthology of 20th Century Uzbek Poetry``)
* Love and Sorrow (Selected Poems,2005)
* Dogudan ve Batidan (Poetry translations,2005, ``From East and West``)
In addition to the above literary works, has also works in technical fields. Those are
* Production and Utilisation of Biogas (1987)
* Dual Sayilarin Robot Kinematik ve Dinamiginde Kullanimi (Thesis,1991, ``The Use of Dual Numbers in Robot Kinematics and Dynamics``)
* Role of Culture in Total Quality Management (Dissertation,1999) .

Ahmet Yalcinkaya's Works:

1. There is not any place in the mountains (1997, in Turkish, poetry)
2. Orphan Poems (2001, in Turkish, poetry)
3. Tears of my Heart (2001, in Uzbek, poetry)
4. In the Waters of Longing (2004, e-book, in Turkish,1st printing,2005, Morrisville, poetry)

Several books other than poetry.

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I come every morning to the beginning of this street
thinking that you will pass from here
I wait, wait, and wait…

when you are seen from far
my heart does not fit to its cage,
tulips bloom in me…
an inexplicable warmth embraces my body
I burn from top to toe…

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