Great Spirit-Creator bless and guide us:
Extend the circle embracing all that is.
May our thirst for spiritual awareness never cease.
May forgiveness allow hate to never overwhelm us
May we-remain upon the path of a good mind, soul and heart

for such is the way of the trail of our ancestors.
-'Herbet I. Caywood, Cherokee'.

'As above so below and for this we give great thanks,

The above words belong to AHO
While the thoughts come from me and that is so
AHO's words come from the past
Still valid today and will always last'.

The year was 1998 and I was looking for a home with an agent and/or publisher who is fair, honorable and sincere and believes my thoughts have an appeal to the reading public and have a marketable value.

My creator is a Rhymer (much less than a mediocre poet)
who has a gift of gab from his Irsh lineage. The enclosed is a sample of material my master has written over the past several years and has much more waiting for publication.

It appears to me that I can become entrapped trying to think about too many things at once or else too much time is spent on one subject.

I believe everything on earth and in the universe had a beginning of life according to the universal creators thought, will and desire.

As much as I thought and wrote about 'American Mosaic ',
and as much as I am thankful and love his great nation; it is not as imporetant as other things I should be thinking and writing about.

Earth is but a planet that circles around our gift of sun and is a place human beings reside who look like each other, think like each other and have basically the same desire to leave our world a better place for all childen to ive in peace and be preotected and most important to be encouraged or share when it is their time to do so.

My master is a rhymer but I am the id who comes up with the ideas. At first he thought he was a poet but I pointed out to him that he could never be a good one and should concentrate on what he knows which really is not much at all.I know you have heard about the power behind the throne.
Well I'm a typiclal male for I want to do too many things alone.
If only I could write my epitah very slowly on stone.
I have lived more years than I ever thought I would
To do all over again if I could.
Imagine a body, a mind and a soul for a life; that was really good.

My master can take a thought and in two lines of rhyme will present an overview of the subject and in additional lines can expand the thought from beginning to end.

My master has already passed through his mid life crisis but I'm afraid it has come back for he just bought a new Camaro with T tops and plays his fifties music constantly while driving down the road.He is in desperate need to pay off his debts and thatis why I am now on the auction block even though he promised me I would never be sold under any conditions. He felt an author's first work should never be sold unless it was to buy more bread and wine. My master is a weak person who has no or very little artistic shame and I have tried my best to keep him away from the wine.

Please help me find a home for I am getting desperate as I'm starting to act like him and find myself finishing what little wine he leaves in the glass. Most of my effort centers around philosophical thought presented in such a way it is not difficult for a neophyte to grasp its meaning, discuss it and become enlightened by exercising their minds.

I am certainly aware too much rhyme can turn a peson off from further reading but do not expect material to be presented in book form but some other media. Don't believe this is insurmountable for reader's look for content well before the bindings, artwork or format.

Enclosed papers on other thoughts and subjects I feel can shed some light on such subjects; as what, is a being and how do we humans arrive a this point in our lives?

Why do we emphassize the heart more so than our minds and how does one define life?

My master uses a pseudonym of A.H.O. (Another Hurley Original) . He also has a web site for some of his poetry and access can be gained with little effort even tho I am a guest.

And so 1998 has come and gone and I am still writing but have made little progress in selling my work and in fact cannot give it away.
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