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Rookie (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

AHO Speaks Poems

481. The Word 11/5/2006
482. The Promise 11/5/2006
483. Movement 11/5/2006
484. Morning Sun 11/5/2006
485. Precedence 11/5/2006
486. Flower Power 11/5/2006
487. A Quiz 11/5/2006
488. First And Last 11/5/2006
489. No Greater Gift 11/6/2006
490. Random Comments 11/6/2006
491. Human Heart 11/7/2006
492. Door Way 11/10/2006
493. The Pod 11/10/2006
494. Stages 11/10/2006
495. Straight Record 11/10/2006
496. Endorsement 11/10/2006
497. Fathers 11/10/2006
498. Evil One 11/11/2006
499. Darkness 11/11/2006
500. The Roadway 11/11/2006
501. Premise Conclusion 11/25/2006
502. When I Was Very Young 11/26/2006
503. Rambling 11/27/2006
504. Fragrance 12/1/2006
505. You Give 12/1/2006
506. Synopsis 12/3/2006
507. My Sea Urchin 12/11/2006
508. Turmoil-Turmoil 12/11/2006
509. Tho I Cry 12/11/2006
510. Dying 12/13/2006
511. It's Will Be Done 12/13/2006
512. Wants And Needs 12/13/2006
513. A Paradox 12/14/2006
514. Futile 12/14/2006
515. A Voyage 12/15/2006
516. In Law 12/17/2006
517. Today's News 12/17/2006
518. Do It 12/19/2006
519. It Is True 12/20/2006
520. Order 12/20/2006

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  • Judy Hurley (11/7/2008 4:22:00 PM)

    AHO/Another Hurley Original/Charles A. Hurley is my late husband and passed away on August 24,2008 in Charles County, Maryland. He was born December 19,1931 in Boston, Mass. I have just recently started reading his poetry on this site and did not realize he had so much talent. He wrote constantly and without stress or strain. He was very concerned for all people and especially children, mothers and women. Until the end he was very creative and courageous. He could bring alive the web of a small spider and the faintest color in the sunset. love, your baby

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Best Poem of AHO Speaks

The Living Tree

As the tree continues to live and grow
So it is with us a subject we should know.

Just as the leaves die and fall yet they do renew
So it is with us by a promise which is true.

Just as the tap root is the life line of the tree
So it is with us by the soul which came from Thee.

When our time comes to shed the external
Let us return to that which is the eternal.

Just as the tree will return to the sod
So it is with us except with God.

Let our growth be tall, strong and true
That our life's colors be pleasing to you.

When our time ...

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Regardless of land, cause or nation
Does not every parent love their human creation?
Why do we allow the leaders or selected few
Take away and destroy the children, who belong to me and you?

Who gave them the right to excercise such fear
To send to war and hurt and kill, those so very dear.

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