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Rookie (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

AHO Speaks Poems

521. Family Of God 12/26/2005
522. Perfect Creation 11/11/2005
523. God And Caesar 10/12/2005
524. Our Destiny 10/4/2005
525. Momentary Sunrise 10/18/2005
526. God's Face 2/4/2006
527. Gender Gap 12/27/2005
528. Father In Law 3/29/2006
529. Nine Year Old Boys 3/26/2006
530. In God We Trust 12/11/2006
531. Segregation 12/15/2006
532. When I Must Leave You 2/14/2006
533. Humanities Moral Responsibility 12/27/2005
534. The 11/5/2006
535. Self Expression 4/8/2006
536. A Nation Blest 4/23/2006
537. Graduation 10/22/2006
538. Wind 9/27/2006
539. Concerns Of We 9/4/2006
540. My Woman 2/4/2006
541. Special Memories 12/4/2005
542. After Dinner 10/4/2005
543. A Mother 3/25/2006
544. Women 3/27/2006
545. The Face Of God 1/30/2006
546. Lonely 10/6/2005
547. The Truth 11/14/2005
548. Life's Journey 12/25/2005
549. Love For My Son's 10/24/2005
550. God, Universal, Holy, Living, Loving, Fair, Creator, One 10/12/2005
551. The Flower Of God 10/22/2005
552. A Rhyming Essay 12/1/2005
553. The Living Tree 10/28/2006
554. Sentimental 3/6/2006
555. Rape 1/30/2006
556. Mother Is Gone 4/15/2006
557. Spirtual Ethics 4/6/2006
558. Retirement 11/24/2005
559. My God Is 1/31/2006

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  • Judy Hurley (11/7/2008 4:22:00 PM)

    AHO/Another Hurley Original/Charles A. Hurley is my late husband and passed away on August 24,2008 in Charles County, Maryland. He was born December 19,1931 in Boston, Mass. I have just recently started reading his poetry on this site and did not realize he had so much talent. He wrote constantly and without stress or strain. He was very concerned for all people and especially children, mothers and women. Until the end he was very creative and courageous. He could bring alive the web of a small spider and the faintest color in the sunset. love, your baby

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Best Poem of AHO Speaks

My God Is

My God is as the gentle spring rain
My God presents itself again and again.

My God gives us both day and night
My God of vision even without sight.

My God the giver of our eternal sun
My God of multiplicity and also one.

My God of sky, land and water
My God for the creation of each son and daughter.

My God of self and also others
My God of family with sisters and brothers.

My God for this journey I serve
My God for life I do not deserve.

My God for those I loved and those I touched
My God as for you; I loved them very ...

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We have an evil cruel sin called rape
To be handled as in most case's with the word, 'fate'

Mostly males involved in cases of rape
Protective information if it is given, is usually too late.

The woman is subjected to questions and a medical exam

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